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    Vertu prances back in with a new Ferrari-branded mobile phone

    You remember Vertu, don't you? The upmarket Nokia division makes a range of luxury mobile phones for the jet-setting crowd, and back a few years ago, they were cranking out what seemed like an endless stream of special editions connected in some manner or another to cars. Whether it was the ...

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    Vertu launches new Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre Collection

    Those with deep pockets and a penchant for everything automotive need look no further for their mobile communications needs (and desires) than Vertu. The premium phone brand from Nokia takes the inspiration for its Ascent line from sports cars and has come out every year with a new special edition ...

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    Vertu launches special edition Ferrari Ascent Ti phone

    Click above for more images of the Vertu Ferrari Ascent Ti Want fries with that? Place your order at any fast-food hamburger chain and you can expect to get that question. But for a more sizable purchase – say, a Ferrari – deep-fried potatoes aren't going to cut it. That's where Vertu ...

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    Vertu rides the Prancing Horse

    Vertu has long been cultivating an image of association with the pinnacle of automotive excellence through their branding, use of materials and special editions. The latest effort is a collaboration with Ferrari, that Italian stallion that seemingly manages to get its name on everything these ...

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    GT, phone home: Vertu releases two more race track phones

    Back in April we told you about Vertu's Racetrack Legends series of mobile phones. At that time only Monza and Silverstone were available. But now filthy rich fans of LeMans and Indianapolis can chat on phones more expensive than a 10-year-old Miata. Made by Nokia, the $6,000+ phone is made of ...


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