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TSLA up 71 cents a share, a big change from the 58-cent loss last year.

Shoulda bought yesterday.


But are the deep problems Lutz sees with Tesla really there?

Lutz stops short of comparing Tesla founder Elon Musk to David Koresh or Jim Jones.


Musk announced the plan while revealing details of 'Level 5' autonomous features.

A road trip like no other.


Automaker's growth may require enlarging its Bay Area factory.

But who's to say, really?


But what is it, everyone wants to know.

Let the speculations begin.


Almost half were Model X SUVs.

No matter how you slice it, Tesla was on a roll last quarter.


He thanks them for a great quarter, though, and apologizes for his 'draconian language.'

"We either win in a way that is fair and right or we lose with our honor intact and accept the consequences."


The SolarCity event is planned for the San Francisco Bay area, but timing might change.

The vertical integration continues. Get it?


The OTA update will be available tonight, for some.

Have pets, don't worry.


Tesla is suing Quest Integrity CFO Todd Katz for attempting to obtain confidential information.

Apparently, sending an email from elontesla@yahoo.com was enough to raise a few red flags.


"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."


Golden State is still far ahead of other states in terms of EV sales.

California is not going to reach its 2025 zero-emissions goals at the current rate.


It won't say how much, though.

Tesla tells the SEC it needs to raise a bit more money.


The acquisition was on an FTC list of proposed transactions for "early termination."

Governmental approval of the deal moves Tesla one step closer to buying – or perhaps more appropriately bailing out – Solar City.


SolarCity chair and Tesla CEO eyes large US roof-replacement market.

Why get a new roof to put your panels on when you could just get a solar roof?


But what if no-one listens?

Only to be dismissed by CEO Elon Musk.


That's not all. Tesla's new master plan also covers solar energy and car sharing.

Tesla doesn't want to build more affordable EVs; it wants to haul commuters and cargo.


Tesla might have a way to improve its Autopilot tech without grafting on new equipment.


Elon Musk says Autopilot didn't cause a crash in Pennsylvania. In fact, the tech would have saved a Model X owner from the crash if it had been on, claims Musk.


Mr. Tesla goes to Washington.

US Senator John Thune wants some answers from Tesla CEO Elon Musk about that fancy Autopilot thing.


The investigation will determine whether Joshua Brown's death is a material event.

Should Tesla have told investors about a fatal accident involving a Model S sedan and its Autopilot system? The company says no, but the SEC isn't buying it.

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