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King County, WA, is buying 120 electric buses.

Tesla gets new VP and Director courtesy of Apple. Tesla will expand existing Superchargers. King County, WA buys a lot of electric buses.

Tesla connects Melbourne to Brisbane.

Waymo makes a cheaper lidar suite. Tesla connects Melbourne to Brisbane with Superchargers. Senators get RFS assurance from Trump's EPA pick.

Motorsport Network invests in Formula E.

Formula E is Motorsport Network's latest investment. Maine won't let VW tarnish its environmental legacy. VW owners in the UK want payback.

Goodyear gathers data from Tesloop; Vulog offers turnkey carsharing.

How many launches does your Tesla have left? ChargePoint Express Plus boosts charging to 400 kW. Tesloop offers tire data to Goodyear. Vulog looks to expand turnkey carsharing.

China to pay more for Cadillac CT-6 Plug-In; CT Court rules in favor of Tesla gallery.

BMW, Intel, Mobileye team up on autonomy; Korea bans someBMW, Nissan, Porsche models; Cadillac CT6 Plug-In costs more in China; Tesla wins CT court battle.

Tesla places Superchargers in small town of Fort Macleod, Alberta.

Mobileye loses Tesla, gains Lucid. Fort Macleod sees economic boon from Tesla chargers. China lowers subsidies to EV makers after misreporting scandal.

EV shift will cost jobs at Continental.

China gets American EV luxury. Oregon utilities are promoting EVs by building chargers. Some job losses will be offset by new positions at Continental.

Nissan Leaf charges a Tesla; Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell gets more range.

Mate Rimac invites Lord Pembroke on a drive. Tesla Autopilot does pretty good in the snow at night with no lane markings. Nissan Leaf rescues a Tesla. Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell to get 348 miles of range.

Green Commuter EV carsharing expands to Chatanooga.

Are these the seats over which Faraday Future was sued? Nissan Leaf carsharing comes to Chattanooga. Acciona EV competes in Dakar Rally for third year.

A Chevy Volt driver films his desert road trip with a drone.

See the Unplugged Performance fascia for the Tesla Model S. Panasonic invests in Tesla PV plant. Chevy Volt driver has fun with a drone.

Norway to allow autonomous vehicle testing on public roads.

It'll be easier to drive through the desert in an EV. Norway says yes to self-driving cars. Wanxiang allowed to build cars in China.

Tesla expands borrowing capacity; DOE announces new funding for efficient transport.

Brexit means more expensive Teslas. EGT to use the fastest Model S. Tesla can borrow an extra $500 million. DOE has $15 million for efficient transport projects.

VW to pay $1.6B for diesel cars in Canada.

Why are these Smarts burning up? VW's Dieselgate costs surpass $18 billion in North America. Tesla's referral program nominated for an award.

Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi to share an EV platform.

This guy's even got Tesla's furniture in his garage. Lucid uses LG batteries, too. Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi will all use new Leaf platform.

EU parliament criticizes countries delaying emissions rules.

Some Texans are getting cheap Leafs in a group buy. A federal judge says VW is making progress on remaining cheater diesels. EU gets impatient with emissions test improvements.

Continental loses money in electromobility, but that's OK.

VW joins BMW and Daimler in Hubject ownership. Continental is okay with burning money for EVs. CA to get ultra-fast charging.

Renault names new EV chief.

How much capacity is actually in your Tesla's battery? Opel says Norway is a unique market for Ampera-e pricing. There's a new EV boss at Renault.

Podcasts from the year 2035 explore how transit could change our lives.

Check out EcoReco's "personal EV for all." Norway hits a major EV milestone. We can't wait for the 2035 Cheesesteak Derby.

Watch a Tesla Model X tackle an icy ditch.

This is what you'll see when the Fisker EMotion passes you. The Tesla Model X gets good grip in the snow, even on three wheels. Faraday Future teases race against Tesla, Bentley, and Ferrari.

Better to recycle than reuse lithium-ion batteries.

Rent any Smart for up to three months in Europe. VW to bring MOIA to US coasts in 2018. Don't reuse li-ion batteries; recycle them.

African countries demand cleaner diesel; Famr Bureau members get $500 off the Chevy Bolt.

Was Tesla's in-house chip rumor just confirmed? Tesla is adding a lot of Gigafactory jobs. Five African countries will refuse dirtier diesel. Farm Bureau members save on the Bolt.

BMW launches ReachNow at the Solaire; Nissan Leaf 3G upgrade costs $199.

GAC's EV supercar has an autonomous mode. BMW tests self-driving cars in Munich. ReachNow launches at the Solaire. Nissan Leaf's 3G upgrade costs $199.

Nigeria needs a lot of biodiesel; FLO charging network expands in Ontario.

This video captures a scenic drive in a Model X. Ontario gets 25 more charging stations. Nigeria needs 634,000 gallons of biodiesel a day. Gas taxes were down from 27 percent in 1990 to 19 percent in 2015.

WiTricity announces Tunable Matching Network; GM picks AeroVironment as Chevy Bolt charger.

Tesla's new Boston store is impressive. London Mayor commits to cyclists. WiTricity's TMN optimizes wireless charging. Chevy Bolt to charge with AeroVironment.

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