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15 of them will be EVs as automaker tries to revive slowing sales.

15 of the 50 will be electrified.

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Has same cargo space as regular Niro, gets 105 MPGe

Kia gains its third plug-in model.


Geely still hopeful of a deal, sources say.

Daimler told Geely it was still welcome to buy shares in the open market.

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The RX is the automaker's biggest seller.

Not many changes outside of the extra space.

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The i8 Coupe is also updated for 2019.

People like their sports cars without roofs. This should do the trick.


President Akio Toyoda says company faces a 'now or never' moment against competitors.

It's "now or never" against the competition, President Akio Toyoda says.


They gave it a PHEV powertrain while trying to retain the original look.

For better, or worse?


Ford plug-in hybrid police car debuts

The Ford Fusion Energi gets dressed up as the Special Service Plug-In Hybrid Sedan for police and government officials.


Off again, on again jiggity jig

Earlier this year, the idea seemed to be off the table.


Board approves latest round of $40 billion.

The goal: To be No. 1 in EVs.


It's launching 15 models and plans to sell 1.5 million of them per year there by 2025.

Some models are promised to have a range up to 370 miles on a charge.


More power, less weight, more downforce, with lap times rivaling 'recent Formula One cars.'

Aston Martin announces the Valkyrie AMR Pro, a track-only version of the already-bonkers Valkyrie road car.


It's an important crossover for Lexus.

Space and seating in a car-like SUV.


Ford buries the hatchback.

Ford closes the doors on the C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi.

Buying Guide

Making sense of these three high-tech powertrains.

So what are they and which one — if any — is right for you?


The new PACE business plan outlines Opel's survival beyond 2020.

A fully electric Corsa is part of the plan.


Toyota turns positive, offsetting a tepid month from Ford.

Plug-in and hybrid demand edges up as Toyota, GM and Honda gains offset slowing Ford growth, Leaf decline.