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Fox Sports for sure - and YouTube is a solid maybe.

Audi and Jaguar have serious competition.

Andretti will run a newly developed BMW powertrain.

More than just a name change.

Audi becomes an official manufacturer in Formula E with team takeover.

Losing money, but only because the series is investing in the future.

Alex Lynn fills in for Jose Maria Lopez.

The 66-year-old billionaire is ready to race.

He sees it as a way to develop hybrid tech.

"You'd have to shoot me first," he said of an all-electric Ferrari a year ago.

Bimmer had already supplied circuit's safety, medical vehicles

German automaker gets the go-ahead from Formula E's organizers to enter the all-electric racing circuit for its fifth season.

Hopes of a junior racing circuit to feed Formula E.

Formulino E features a chassis by Dallara and propulsion from Punch Powertrain.

Roborace unveiled its autonomous racecar at the 2017 Mobile World Congress.

Of course, one benefit of autonomous racing is that there are no human drivers to harm.

For Audi, it's Formula E from now on.

After 18 years of Le Mans racing it's pulling the plug and heading to greener pastures: Formula E.

It's black and white and read all over.

You just need to know what to look for.

The German brand joins Audi, Jaguar, Renault, Faraday Future, and Mahindra.

Mercedes looks to take one of the two new team slots.

From racing to crossovers, Jag is juiced for EVs.

Jaguar as an electric leader? It's no longer a leap.

German automaker will get more involved in the all-electric racing series.

Audi is revving up its electric program.

This eRace takes place in Las Vegas and has the largest prize in eSports history.

Roborace is using DevBot to develop an autonomous electric racecar that will support Formula E starting in the 2016-17 season.

More front wing.

You can even see the new addition from the driver's seat.

While already (sort of) involved with the electric racing series, the automakers might like their own teams.

BMW and Nissan are each considering getting into the field in FIA's open-wheel, electric racing championship.

Sebastien Buemi ends up winning without finishing the last race in London.

An early crash between two leaders means the second season of Formula E was settled with an unusual tie-breaker. The lesson? Every lap counts.

The deal lasts at least until Season 5.

Faraday Future announces it will partner up with Dragon Racing for the next three seasons of Formula E racing.

Problem is 'unforeseen circumstances related to road closures.'

The Formula E electric vehicle race originally scheduled for Moscow at the beginning of June has been cancelled. No replacement will be set.

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