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The average cost to repair a vehicle damaged by de-icers is $490.

AAA has some simple advice to help prevent rust damage.


Almost 10 percent of all bridges in America are in need of repair or replacement.

In 23 states, over 9 percent of bridges require repair.


Vehicle ownership is little changed at about two per household.

US households on average drove 22,311 miles last year, down 8 percent from all-time highs.


Reaction times get worse when the driver is preoccupied.


New research recommends truly driverless, highly autonomous cars.


Something to keep in mind when house hunting

If you live close to a traffic-heavy highway, you have a greater risk of being diagnosed with dementia.


Those who do appear to like the concept, though.

What's that cord doing?


This is only the case with younger drivers, although they don't represent the majority of medical marijuana users.


Nissan, GM get a bit of a pass.

Maybe the automakers no longer believe that they can influence public opinion with a TV ad. Oh, wait.

Whether you're taking planes, trains, or automobiles, expect delays.

AAA says an estimated 48.7 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving.


California is making moves to direct more clean-vehicle rebates to disadvantaged communities.

Have money, get money.


American Lung Association study totals up health, climate, and societal costs.

If all vehicles in California were zero-emissions, premature deaths would drop by 400 a year.


Respondents said Trump should drive an Escalade, Clinton a Mercedes GL-Class.

While the poll respondents leaned Republican, a third of those surveyed chose neither candidate as their preferred presidential choice.


Many in the Golden State say Big Oil is standing in the way of EV progress.

Well, duh.


The Chevrolet Camaro, Kia Forte, and Nissan Maxima also earned awards.


Is it still true that there's no such thing as bad publicity?

Joshua Brown's fatality at the wheel of a Tesla Model S didn't have a big impact on the public's perception of autonomous driving technology.


So says an IIHS study that looked at 57 different cities.

The lives of the many outweigh the cost to your wallet.


Luxury brands continue to reign supreme.


Most calls were for flat tires, dead batteries, and keys locked in cars.

Many of the rescues could have been avoided.

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