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Woodward Dream Cruise is a go for this August

After last year's cancellation, we're celebrating cars again

2004 Ford Shelby Cobra concept headlines Mecum's Monterey 2021 auction

Daisy debuted at 2004 Detroit Auto Show, and could've been a 'real ass-kicker'

Junkyard Gem: 2001 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi

Pontiac's powerful luxury sedan for the 21st century, complete with supercharger.

The Black automotive pioneers who helped reshape the automotive world

These men laid the groundwork for many automotive inventions we use today

There was once a Honda Civic named the Honda Integra

Yep, there were two Honda Integras in the late '90s. The rebadged Acura and this one

Junkyard Gem: 1987 Mitsubishi Mirage L Hatchback

Nearly all of these cars had Dodge or Plymouth Colt badges in North America, but here's one sold by Mitsubishi.

2003-2006 Subaru Baja | Used Vehicle Spotlight

It's basically a Subaru Outback with a little truck bed grafted on the rear

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IndyCar courts Black fans, drivers, crews in push to diversify

Only two Black drivers have competed in the Indy 500 in over a century

Rolls-Royce EV likely to take the name Silent Shadow

The new model is due out sometime this decade

'Back to the Future' DeLorean hero car will join the National Historic Vehicle Register

'Back to the Future' DeLorean hero car will join the National Historic Vehicle Register

GMC Safari GT, a rad-era hauler with custom-van swagger

This rare 1991 example is up for grabs on

Junkyard Gem: 2008 Volkswagen R32 Astroturf Apocalypse Edition

This car sports a few modifications for the Rocky Mountain Rambler 500 rally

Volkswagen previews T7 Multivan head of June release

Heritage cues make it into the final form

The last Plymouth ever built is a 68-mile Neon, it sold for $19,000

Would you rock the final Plymouth to roll off the assembly line?

Junkyard Gem: 1988 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Sedan

The final year for the true K-Car LeBaron.

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