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Latest News

  • 14 mins ago

    GM to settle state ignition claims for $120 million

  • 1 hr ago

    Elon's Musk Air Freshener: The perfect gift for any Tesla owner

    It's not April 1. We double checked.
  • 1 hr ago

    Audi's new naming system not coming to America

    There's not really a need for it here
  • 3 hrs ago

    Mercedes-AMG G65 Final Edition is a black and bronze farewell

    This marks the end of the V12 G-Class.
  • 4 hrs ago

    Supersonic car pilot Andy Green describes setting the land speed record

    It's the 20th anniversary of the Thrust SSC's run. Up next, the Bloodhound.
  • 5 hrs ago

    F1's Fernando Alonso staying at McLaren in 2018

    "Although the last few years have not been easy, we have never forgotten how to win."
  • 6 hrs ago

    Illinois’ pro-union stance kills bid for Toyota-Mazda plant, report says

    Southern states have "right-to-work" laws
  • 7 hrs ago

    VW teases its Pikes Peak EV Racer

    Climbing a mountain to rise above a scandal.
  • 8 hrs ago

    Watch ‘Top Gear’ race a Tesla Model S against a Mercedes-AMG

  • 9 hrs ago

    Japan carmakers vouch for safety of some Kobe Steel parts

    Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda weigh in.
  • 9 hrs ago

    Nissan suspending all of its car production in Japan

    All six factories are shutting down for two weeks.
  • 23 hrs ago

    Tesla faces lawsuit for racial harassment in its factories

    Three men claim to have been subject to continuous and repeated racism.

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