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Toyota's Olympic robots offer virtual attendance and athlete assistance

A cart-like robot scuttles across the field to bring back javelins and discuses

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp., a major Olympic sponsor, is readying various robots for next year's Tokyo Olympics. The latest "field support robot," which looks like a cart, will also be picking things up: the javelin, discus or hammer on the Olympic field.

Auto Accessories
These license plate frames are 15% off for the next 4 hours on Amazon

It's rainproof, it doesn't rattle, and it's only $12.74

This license plate frame is made of silicon, which can protect your car from scratches or rust from the license plate itself. You can pick up the frame on Amazon for only $12.74 right now.

Hyundai reports big profit jump, expects to boost U.S. sales with more SUVs

31% jump in quarterly profit as younger Chung takes more control

Miniature remote controlled cars have proved to be a crowd pleaser at track and field throwing events, but for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Toyota Motor Corp is upping the game with a hi-tech way to fetch javelins and hammers: pint-sized, self-driving A.I. robot cars. The Japanese automaker on Monday unveiled a prototype of its next-generation field support robot, a miniature shuttle bus-shaped contraption based on its "e-Palette" ride-sharing vehicle under development, to be used at the Tokyo Games

'Top Gear' episode 2 recap | A shocking time

This one's for the electric car fans

See the Lotus Evija in detail in this 23-minute video

Hyper-detailed hypercar a real Lotus, down to the lack of luggage space

Symptoms of a bad or failing coolant temperature switch (sensor)

Look out for these signs

Signs of a bad or failing coolant temperature sensor include poor fuel economy, black smoke from engine, overheating of the engine or a check engine light.

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