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Lucille does Finland.

What's the vehicle of choice for a roadtrip in January? A 1972 Ford Country Sedan, of course!


The F1 Hot Laps program includes rides in Aston Martins and McLarens.

We imagine the laps will be fast.

Transcript: These kids have cooler rides than us! KidStance specializes in custom made electric ride-on toys for kids. It began as a hobby for Denver Pettigrew Jr. and his son. Denver creates most of the custom parts himself in his Florida shop. The custom work includes: suspension, wheels, audio, and much more. KidStance also offers R/C controls that allow you to wirelessly control your custom made ride-on. First a base model needs to be purchased, vehicles range between $100 to $480. KidStance


Cadillac sales have been energized in China

Cadillac sales have been energized in China


Tesla told some reservation holders not to expect their Model 3 until 2019

Tesla told some reservation holders not to expect their Model 3 until 2019


It's basically a U.S.-market Laramie with the Sport Appearance package

So it's special, but not that special.

Spy Shots

The 2019 Toyota Supra is quickly being revealed before its Geneva Motor Show Debut

A Supra forum got a photo of a barely disguised new generation Toyota Supra before the car's Geneva debut


These Canadian soldiers have the procedure nailed.

Wonder how many bolts have been removed beforehand?


An acceleration demon gets up to speed.

They claim it's a world record for Demons.


Thankfully, everyone survived after a spill of liquified petroleum gas ignited.

Dash cam footage captures a fiery inferno that enveloped several vehicles on a freeway in China.

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