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New episodes will be released every Friday for 12 weeks.

The trio is back! And all of them have committed to three seasons.


One of the stunts will see the show's host drive through Westeros.

Filming on the first 12-episode season is 90 percent complete, Executive Producer Andy Wilman told media in Edinburgh, but we still don't know when the show will officially debut.


If you're in the right place at the right time, at least.

Yes, you could have a new Hyundai Elantra delivered to your doorstep within two hours. But you'll only have it for a short test drive.


Alexa can tell you the news, and now it can set the climate control in your Genesis.


Only James May, indeed.

We don't recommend trying to drive without your steering wheel. Just ask James May.


And access the vehicle's status, as well.

BMW continues to expand its BMW ConnectedDrive suite of services.


Jeremy Clarkson explains how a higher power intervened.

A new teaser video for the series. We could listen to Clarkson's stories all day long.


The Grand Tour crew are up to their usual tricks.


What will it be like?

The first Grand Tour episode has been filmed in South Africa.


The logo for the trio’s new Amazon show has an ‘80s vibe.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have created an old-fashioned logo for their upcoming Amazon show - The Grand Tour.


Will Amazon and Uber join Google in partnerships with Fiat for autonomous vehicles?


"Of course we want to beat the other guys."

Evans, LeBlanc, Reid, Schmidt, Harris, and Jordan versus Clarkson, Hammond, and May. Fight!


Wouldn't we all rather just play with online configurators?

What's in a name? Aren't car configurators more fun anyway?


Clarkson complains of "7,000-pound calls" to lawyers and the BBC's ownership of any name "remotely similar to Top Gear" as roadblocks to a new show title.


We aren't sure #TheStillVeryMuchUntitledClarksonHammondMayAmazonPrimeShowComingAutumn2016 tag will catch on.

It sounds like Amazon's new motoring show is coming along very nicely.


After hinting at a major stunt yesterday, Jeremy Clarkson posted bruised-and-bloody selfie with the caption, "I survived the day. Just."


A hacker has managed to link up his Amazon Echo so that all he has to do is mutter a few words and his GMC will start up. Welcome to the future, kids.


Captain Slow confirms Clarkson's timeline for the new show.


And the Clarkson persona? That's an act, says the man.

Clarkson gave up drinking for months to keep his mind clear during his negotiations for the upcoming Amazon Prime show.


The Guardian reports that Netflix is "in the early stages" of discussing a deal with the BBC for certain streaming rights to the Top Gear reboot.


Jeremy Clarkson tweeted about an accident that happened during filming of his new Amazon show. The details get fuzzy after that.

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