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The Porsche 918 currently holds the production-car crown.

Shipping two cars, two drivers, and renting the track isn't cheap.


The AMG GT R is faster than a McLaren F1 prototype, according to this test.


A megawatt of power and some impressive laptimes to back it up.

The NIO EP9 was presented at the Saatchi Gallery in London.


And you can too!

The new Porsche Experience Center in LA has some unique features, including a 1:1 replica of the most iconic corner from the most iconic track.


Consider the "Largest Parade of Pick-Up Trucks" record smashed.

With 1,152 trucks in total, who's going to break this one?


The driver deserves most of the credit, obviously.

It's a new two-wheel record, and we're not talking motorcycles.


A wider, even more powerful AMG A45 is coming to overseas markets.


That's less than two seconds off the BMW M4 GTS.

If you thought American cars only go in a straight line, this video will change your mind.


With a rumored debut coming next month, you've got to get your promo footage.

Blink and it's over.


Over 11,000 miles with 110 cc of fury underneath him.

Hero of the year, or what?


Facelift will make the regular Aventador look like the SV.


Audi's huge hot hatch gets some track time at the Nurburgring.


Open-top sports car makes mincemeat out of Porsches.


Upcoming Supra caught testing on film for the first time.

Is it us or are there some strange noises coming from the prototype?


If you have to get out of your car, get off the track as soon as possible.

Like the video says: it's a good thing to warn other drivers of an accident, but do it behind the guardrail.


The GT R looks, and sounds, quite menacing in this video.


Koenigsegg's detailed crash report is out. This is what it happened.


A new fascia, a large rear wing, and a hefty diffuser. Yep, it's a Superleggera.

Not only does it sound great, it's clearly quite fast. And it's coming soon.


But don't worry, Boosted Boris left the driving to the Ring Taxi.

Yes, Pokemon Go players have descended on the Nurburgring. No, nothing is sacred.


A Bugatti Chiron, company CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer, and the Nürburgring. Need we say more?

Go for a spin in the 1,500-horsepower Bugatti Chiron, with company CEO Wolfgang Durheimer at the helm. It's as awesome as it sounds.


Plus, we get to hear the grumble of a small-block V8.

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