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A Louisiana sheriff pledges to boycott Ford vehicles over the automaker's response to NFL players protesting the national anthem.

Fandom intensifies.

Really guys, this is starting to be a bit much.

It goes beyond just a fold-out counter and sink

There's a toaster in the center console.

Sternly worded letter incoming.

Sternly worded letter incoming.

Dehydrated driving is as dangerous as drunk driving.

Apparently dehydrated driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

The GPS darts are part of the Star Chase System, which mounts to the grille of a police cruiser.

His owner was ordered to pay for his meal.

His owner was ordered to pay for his meal.

Announcement comes a day after Aston speedboat debuts

Announcement comes a day after Aston speedboat revealed.

He's facing more than $1,200 in total fines. Seriously, put the phone down.

Plus he gets some online shaming.

Authorities are stumped as to how this happened

He went missing in January, and wasn't found until this month.

Furze calls it my many names – Spa Car, BMBubbleU, Jacruzii, Convertapool – but we just call it fun.

Experience the inside of a mech suit in 360 degrees.

On this episode of AutoblogVR, pop a squat inside an actual, functional mech suit. If you have a VR headset, you're gonna want to pull it out for this one.

"I could smell her burnt fur"

"I could smell her burnt fur."

It's the creepiest car show we've ever attended.

Get me the hell out of here.

Francois Gissy pulls 5 g, does 0-62 mph in half a second.

It's like a grade-school science project you can ride.

Meth, heroin, cocaine, firearms ...

Meth, heroin, cocaine, firearms ...

60 VWs and Audis were reportedly stolen, shipped out of state and given bogus titles

Buyer beware.

Don't be alarmed, it's not as bad as it looks

He was hit by an Acme truck.

"Gol dang!" shouts a cop as she speeds away

A shoplifting call gone way wrong.

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