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    Video: Your next car could feature Softwheels

    Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to drive a car without a suspension? Now, think about being stuck like that everyday. That is the situation for many people in wheelchairs. A company from Israel has come up with an ingenious solution that goes on sale later this year, though. The ...

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    Official: Yamaha debuts Tricity 3-wheel scooter [w/video]

    This is the Yamaha Tricity, a weird, three-wheeled scooter that seems to think it's a sport bike. When parked, it looks more or less like you're average scooter, but thanks to a front axle that can keep the front wheels parallel, like past offerings from Piaggio, this scooter is able to lean ...

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    Video: Mattress knocks man off bicycle, cushions the blow

    Frequent cyclists know that cars are among of the biggest dangers on the road. Many of drivers aren't very good at sharing the road, and that's exactly the case with this pickup driver. To make matters worse, its payload isn't even properly strapped down. However, that might have saved this ...

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    Official: Alfa Romeo rolls out the 4C of bicycles

    We've seen automakers partner with bicycle manufacturers on numerous sets of wheels in the past. Some tempt and disappoint, but this strikes us as one of the cooler auto-branded bikes we've seen. (But then this writer has always been partial to Italian style.) Born of a collaboration between the ...

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    Video: Ohio trooper's dash cam records collision with motorcycle couple

    Amy and Corey Waldman were riding a motorcycle down US35 in Ohio, when Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper Jacob Daymon ran into the back of their bike with his police cruiser. The resulting impact, which was caught on the cruiser's dash cam, shows the bike's riders thrown off, with the motorcycle, or ...

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    Video: Jack Nicklaus' grandson survives chilling motorcycle crash, caught on camera

    Nick O'Leary, grandson of golf legend Jack Nicklaus and starting tight end for the Florida State Seminoles, received a rather brutal lesson in the laws of physics. An inattentive Lexus driver pulled out in front of the FSU player while he was traveling along on his motorcycle. The resulting ...

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    Video: Watch this two-story tall bike negotiate LA traffic

    Last weekend, Los Angeles' Venice Boulevard was shut down from the beach nearly to downtown for Ciclavia, an event in which cyclists take over one of the city's primary east-west arteries. One of the riders that day was Richie Trimble, who was pedaling from 14.5 feet in the air on a homemade ...

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    Official: Latest ultra-light Lamborghini only costs around $32,000

    Lamborghini, not finished celebrating its 50th anniversary with special models like the Veneno, has subtracted two wheels for the next stage of the party. The BMC Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition Impec is the second go-round of the collaboration between Swiss bicycle maker BMC and the Italian ...

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    Official: 2012 Zero XU approved for use in MSF training courses

    The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has officially approved the electric Zero XU for use in the organization's rider training courses. The electron-powered XU offers a number of advantages for novice riders, including a low seat height, quiet operation and a direct-drive system that eliminates ...

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    Video: British Eurosport superbike teaser gets under our skin

    Every form of motorsport requires a certain level of integration between man and machine. Drivers need to be able to quickly and accurately interpret what's going on with their vehicle and react accordingly, but superbike racing pushes that requirement to new bounds. Overshoot a corner, get too ...

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    Official: Smart unveiling Brabus-edition Fortwo EV, e-bike in Geneva

    Daimler's Smart minicar division will unveil both a battery-electric version of the Smart Brabus special-edition line and a Smart Brabus electric bike at the Geneva Motor Show this year. The Smart Brabus electric drive Fortwo will be available in 12 countries by the end of the year. Parent company ...

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    Porsche finds new configuration for four wheels with a pair of street bikes

    If you were surprised when Porsche started producing SUVs and four-door sedans, wait until you get a look at these. Following recent bicycles created by (or for) the likes of Mini, Maserati, McLaren and Land Rover, Zuffenhausen's merchandizing division Porsche Design has just added a pair of new ...

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    Official: Mini designs its own folding bike

    Old world cities like London and Paris suffer from brutal traffic congestion in their downtown cores. That's where a car like a Mini or Smart truly shines. But even a small hatchback can have trouble getting around when things really get tied up. That's where a folding bike comes in handy. ...

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    Polaris purchases Indian Motorcycles, will complement Victory brand

    It's spring, and that means motorcycles are back in season. Polaris must be in a buying mood, as the recreational vehicle giant announced that it has purchased Indian Motorcycles. Terms of the sale have not been disclosed, but the move has certainly given Polaris a stronger foothold in the ...

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    Maserati pedals back in time with retro Montante 8CTF bicycle

    When an automaker designs (or at least lends its name to) a bicycle, it serves more than just as a two-wheeled mechanical transport: it embodies what the brand stands for. So when Lexus made one, it was a hybrid. When McLaren did, it was streamlined and made out of carbon fiber. The BMW M ...

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    This is what it looks like when an F1 team makes a bicycle [w/video]

    If you were going to ride a bicycle designed by a British automaker, who would you want to build it – Land Rover or McLaren? If it were a mountain bike, maybe Land Rover. But for a racing bike like this one, we'll go with McLaren. Shortly after the debut of the Range Rover Evoque road ...

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    Land Rover gives the Evoque an extra set of wheels

    Automakers designing bicycles is nothing new. Sometimes they're radical departures on the age-old wheeled machine, and sometimes they're new takes on the same classic form. The latest appears to be the latter, but that doesn't make it any less desirable. Designed by Land Rover's design team to ...

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    Motus unveils production MST-01 and MST-R

    Motus has officially unveiled the company's first products at Pratt & Miller's Michigan facility. The venue was chosen because of Pratt & Miller's role in engineering the bike's frame. Not interesting enough for you? Eyeball the bike's heart, then: a V4, scale version of the pushrod V8 ...

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    FGR Midalu 2500 V6 is our kind of naked crazy

    FGR Midalu 2500 V6 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ever since the Tatra 87 sauntered out of production, we haven't really paid the auto industry of the Czech Republic much mind, but thanks to the efforts of a government-funded motorcycle manufacturer, that's about to change. FGR ...

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    Honda keeps teasing V4 Adventure Concept

    Honda V4 Adventure Concept Sketch – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Honda has given the interwebs a quick look at what we can expect from the front of the company's V4 Adventure Concept slated to be unveiled in Milan. Judging by the teaser, it looks like the bike will boast a ...


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