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A cast-aluminum backbone offers lots of intriguing possibilities.

There are some very interesting features here we hope translate to a production car.


Wonder where people got the idea that EVs have limited range?

Remember who trademarked the term.


In-wheel motors, adjustable accelerator may also be in store for Faraday Future's SUV.

Electric-vehicle startup continues to indicate that it looks to take on the Tesla Model X with its crossover.


It involves touch sensors, so you may want to stock up on Windex.


The ID Concept had no mirrors. This has no windshield.

Expect this car to share a platform with the ID Concept revealed in Paris.


What, no wirelessness?

It's a clever idea, but one that could have some significant drawbacks.


Driver input works in tandem with self-driving tech.

Driver input works in tandem with self-driving tech.


Patent reveals folding, zero-emissions car.

Ford wants to bridge the gap between bicycles and cars.


But only when you're driving a car.

These augmented reality heads-up displays could be a big help for avoiding crashes.


It would one-up Ford and GM’s 10-speed auto.

More is always better, right?


But we still wouldn't count on a flying Prius arriving in your local showroom.

Toyota's aerocar patent design can stow its wings inside the body, so it'll look normal (ish) on the road.


New two-stage turbocharger utilizes a low-pressure and high-pressure turbine in a series.

General Motors has filed a patent for a new two-stage turbocharger that should increase performance and negate lag.


"I'm mighty glad you stayed." – Lionel Richie


Yet another hint that Project Titan is for real.

Kurt Adelberger invented a new kind of smart charger for electric vehicles while working at Google. Now he's off to Apple, possibly to work on an EV project there as well.


The idea is to increase the options for cylinder deactivation and narrow the spacing between them.


Google has a patent for autonomous vehicles to detect the turn signals of other traffic on the road, which could increase driverless car safety.


Hyundai now has a patent for a door that combines a van's sliding door with a gullwing hinge, and the company thinks it'd be great for an RV.


Toyota has a patent for a way to move the image around a vehicle's head-up display, which always keeps it in a useful place for the driver.

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