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A great way to prepare for the 24-hour race.

With all the places it has been, the mileage on this car must be excessive.

10,000 children die each year on China's roads.

This new teaser video shows what the Type R is about.

It's an animal, and it wants to get out.

This is how Bugatti engineers its cars to withstand intense driving.

An Iron Chef already has selected the menu.

A rolling, engaging dining experience.

Plows? We don't need no stinking plows!

The Focus ST and VW GTI have a Korean competitor coming.

He's one of the most dedicated car enthusiasts in the world.

Or a cel-shaded video game.

How do you make your Tesla stand out? By making it look flatter.

Don't forget about the submarines.

The trailer also features a bit of questionable product placement.

Percy disappeared in Ohio and reappeared in Indiana.

Percy the cat had to endure a 400-mile ride beneath the truck.

And the stunt is now being investigated by police.

A way better name than AM-RB 001. Easier to say, too.

Roborace unveiled its autonomous racecar at the 2017 Mobile World Congress.

South Korean company Hankook Mirae Technology and designer Vitaly Bulgarov created a pilot operated mech suit, Method-2.

This almost could've been called The Fast and the Furious: Family Vacation.

McQueen will have a tough journey to become number one again.

McLaren's story told by the people who knew him best.

Bugatti wanted the thumbs-up of a "real champion."

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