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Corey Burdick lost an eye after an airbag in his Honda exploded during a low speed collision.


Consumer organization says increases in gas mileage are proof CAFE standards are working.

Even with gas prices near their lowest point in more than a decade, Americans are still concerned about the fuel economy of their cars. More than 4 in 5 consumers say gas mileage will be an important consideration the next time they go shopping for a vehicle.


Information Is Valuable To Marketers, Advertisers

MasterCard International has applied for a patent related to technology that can scan purchasing habits to determine a consumer's car type and driving habits.


Deceptive advertisements could place drivers in danger, critics say

In advertisements that help sell thousands of used cars, CarMax says it pays "rigorous" attention to safety details and checks the road-readiness of each car with a meticulous 125-point inspection prior to sale. There's one big item missing on that checklist, say numerous consumer groups.


Study: Shoppers want to constantly change cars

Up until recently, financial motivations drove the behavior of car shoppers. Today, many consumers shop for cars because of a constant desire for change, according to a new study from Swapalease.com.


Towing disputes are fastest-growing complaints in U.S.

Complaints about unscrupulous practices conducted throughout the auto industry reached a dubious milestone last year.


Center for Defensive Driving calls infotainment system an "unmitigated disaster"

From the moment cars equipped with MyFord Touch rolled off the assembly line two short years ago, the infotainment system has been a black eye for the company.


Woman was charged for damages when no damage had occurred

When renting a car, the only person you can trust is yourself. That's what Christina Morales' learned after she rent a car when her's was damaged in a small fender-bender.


Author of new study says EVs are actually ahead of long-term projections

Contrary to recent reports of the electric car's pending flop, a pair of researchers say EVs are gaining in popularity among consumers and that sales are actually ahead of long-term growth projections.


Even with worse driving records, wealthier people quoted lower rates

Pride yourself on being a safe driver? You might be paying a penalty for that distinction. The country's largest auto insurers often charge safe drivers more money for their annual insurance premiums than their more reckless counterparts, according to a study released Monday by the Consumer Federation Of America.


More than 70 complaints filed against Vancouver, B.C. outlet

Customers of Budget Rent a Car have accused the rental car company of bilking them of hundreds of dollars for minor repairs, which were then allegedly made in house.


Critics worry about the cars' data collection

First there was the horseless carriage. Next comes the driverless car.


Another installment of Consumer Reports annual automotive issue is close at hand. The yearly car issue crowns Top Picks in a variety of categories as well as offering up some solid alternative choices. Last year, we had the opportunity to peek behind the curtain at CR's huge auto test facility in Connecticut, and we were psyched to find out there's real car guys behind all those filled-in circles. Here's a sample of what CR's crew is likely up to right now, expending a huge amount of labor on ca


It seems like all summer as we watched gas prices rise, we also saw countless reports on how American auto consumers were moving towards more fuel-efficient vehicles. J.D. Power and Associates has another report to add to the list called the 2006 Escaped Shopper Study with a few more insights.


According to the Wichita Eagle, local dealerships are seeing buyers either purchasing new, more fuel-efficient SUVs or just delaying their purchase of a new SUV until fuel prices fall. Few have seen buyers choosing to downsize even to large cars, let alone small ones. Les Eck of Rusty Eck Ford states, "I haven't seen people trading in their Expeditions to buy a small car."

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