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Only 500 will be brought to the U.S.

Only 500 will be brought to the U.S.

We say so long and farewell to our Fury Orange pony car

We say so long and farewell to our Fury Orange pony car.

Don't spend your hard-earned cash like 2008 never happened

Don't spend your hard-earned cash like 2008 never happened.

Improved for 2018, a wonderful thing gets even better

Improved for 2018, a wonderful thing gets even better.

Does it make a difference?

Does it make a difference?

Here's today's episode of "What's That Sound?"

Here's today's episode of "What's That Sound?"

Both are solid, one is definitely better

One of the biggest changes to the 2018 Ford Mustang was the addition of a 10-speed automatic transmission that we've seen in different forms in both Fords and Chevys. And because of its newness, and the fact that nearly half of you readers wanted to know more about it, we ordered up our long-term Mustang with the 10-speed to see what it's like on a daily basis. We also, as luck would have it, got a six-speed manual Mustang at the same time, so we decided to take a close look at them back-to-back

America's pony car is better than ever

Our new long-term 2018 Ford Mustang GT has been in our hands for just a few days, but we've already tacked a few thousand miles on to the odometer. Unlike most of our test vehicles, Ford allowed us to option the car ourselves. We then let you, our faithful audience, choose most of the features for us. You can read all about it in our introductory post. At $51,470, our car isn't cheap, but it does come with a hell of a lot of equipment for the price.

Our Orange Fury pony car is finally here

When Ford offered Autoblog the chance to spec out our own 2018 Ford Mustang, we jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn't want some extended seat time in the latest version of the original pony car? After waiting out the long, cold winter (and a pre-delivery mishap that required the repainting of a bumper), our new Mustang is finally here.

An update on our long-term loaner

I took the Honda Ridgeline for a long weekend Up North. Most of my time with the truck so far had been in the rain or snow, 40 miles at a time, during my commute to and from the Autoblog office as the Michigan winter dragged on. I had planned trips Up North (always capitalized by most Michiganders) to the family cottage on Lake Huron, but abandoned them due to nasty weather. Even if it was sunny and warm on any given day or week here in the Detroit area, we got weather reports from relatives who

Our long-term 2018 Ridgeline proves why people gush about Honda engines

We say goodbye to our big blue British kitty.

This luxury crossover will be missed.

Pros and cons of our long-term test pickup

Here are the pros and cons of living with our long-term test truck.

The balanced choice when Toyota’s Taco is too spicy.

We get acquainted with our long-term Honda Ridgline.

The rotary dial offers no benefit to a traditional shifter.

Jaguar is taking a step backwards.

We go live with our long-term snow cat.

The bright paint offsets a dreary winter.

We're spending a year with Honda's alternative pickup. Is this all the truck you need?

Can this pickup take on Toyota, Chevy and now Ford?

Why can't I match everything?!

I'll admit this may sound slightly petty.

Supercharged V6s have a taste for the finer things.

You need a good audio system for road trips.

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