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We hope car companies keep making them as long as possible

We'd be happy if Jaguar would make the supercharger a tad louder though.

This is an option to definitely look out for during a test drive.

Only for those with a strong dislike of scraping windshields.

Spending six months with Jag's new best seller

In many ways, it's the opposite of our long-term XE.

Some parting thoughts about living with this little roadster.

So charming it changed an editor's opinion.

It gets great fuel economy and has power when and where you need it.

The XE's charming chassis and clattery diesel is an automotive odd couple.

Use this video to decide which one to buy.

They're the same, but different.

The alternative is a gasoline engine that requires premium fuel.

This new model replaced a 2017 Audi A4 Premium Plus

Thus begins the official flow of information about the all-new version of the popular EV.

Look for autonomous tech and a 200-plus mile range.

Another sport sedan! The fleet is looking good.

We've sampled each end of the Miata spectrum, and brought you a handy guide.

There is definitely a replacement for displacement.

A manic nine-speed transmission doesn't help matters.

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