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Don't say it sounds like a Subaru.

The 718 Cayman S now uses a turbocharged flat-four.

It borrows from the BMW parts bin.

Still, there are a number of traditional Rolls design cues.

It's not April 1. We double checked.

Coming soon to a Model S near you.

There's not really a need for it here

We're sticking with the same old badging scheme.

This marks the end of the V12 G-Class.

The G63 is still available.

It picks up a lot from the A8.

It goes on sale in Germany next February.

Some copies are pretty egregious.

Cars will only debut in production form.

Looks just like the real thing.

All the parts numbers and barcodes are identical.

Though details on outright purchasing aren't yet sorted.

The 600-horsepower hybrid Polestar 1 has a targeted price of between $153,000 and $177,000. Still, a subscription model is being pushed by the company.

Who needs turbos?

Fall is a great time for convertibles.

Lots of horsepower packed in standard.

The turbocharged flat-four is more powerful than ever.

V12s, twin turbos, superchargers, and even electric motors.

These days, it isn't too hard to find an SUV with V12 engines, twin turbos, or superchargers. Here are the 10 most powerful SUVs in America for 2018.

Owners will never need to step foot in a Volvo dealership.

Owners will never need to step foot in a dealership.

Plus: Details on the next two Polestar models coming soon.

Don't call it a Volvo.

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