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On this episode of Car Hacks, Amr discovers whether or not play-doh can clean up a mess in the back seat.

There is a new SpotMini from robotics maker Boston Dynamics. We first saw the four-legged SpotMini in 2016 but this video clip from Boston Dynamics suggests that SpotMini has evolved. The Boston Dynamics YouTube page says that details for the bot are forthcoming. You can see more video at bostondynamics.com.

Pure, unfiltered adrenaline.

This is the sort of car we're unlikely to ever see from an OEM again.

Proof that technology can save lives.

Proof that technology can save lives.

On this episode of AutoblogVR, we get a virtual reality look at every kids favorite vehicle, a fire truck.

The design evolution of a beloved brand.

The design evolution of a beloved brand.

Mercedes preps for the next-generation G-Class by counting down the top nine moments in G history.

Bollinger shows what the rugged B1 can do.

It looks like a fun job.

El-P shows Killer Mike around NYC in a Car2go Mercedes-Benz GLA.

It's the first of several "mini-documentaries."

Okuyama also shows sketches of his next project

They discuss design and process details.

The partners want to increase efficiency and safety.

Automation could help alleviate the trucking industry's "workforce problem."

Yes, we do actually drive a route called "The Devil's Butthole"

Join our hosts Jessi and Patrick as they take "the gamble" and find out whether or not their $500 jalopy will survive the Gambler 500 on this episode of "The List."

A promotional film by E.ON showcases interesting EVs.

A "Mad Max"-style desert video shows all kinds of interesting vehicles, but the hypercar is the king.

It must have had the electronic limiter removed.

There's some disparity between the speedometer and GPS.

Round and round it goes.

Caterham celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Seven sports car by cutting donuts.

Fords EksoVest is badass wearable technology designed to fight workers fatigue and injury. The upper body exoskeleton provides adjustable lift assistance of 5 to 15 lbs per arm. Ford developed EksoVest in partnership with California-based Ekso Bionics.

1 / 618
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