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    Report: Yamaha considering electric leaning trike?

    Recent patent filings appear to indicate that Yamaha might be thinking about bringing a leaning, three-wheeled electric scooter to the US. While the idea of a trike cycle is hardly new – after all Yamaha already has its own Tricity – this one would have its dual wheels in the back ...

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    Official: Mahindra plant and engineering ops comes to MI, electric bikes planned

    Depending on who you speak to, India's Mahindra & Mahindra might be best known in the States for the six-year saga of huge hopes and dashed dreams embodied in a small, diesel pickup truck, as a tractor maker pushing its way into a US market ruled by John Deere and Kubota, as the owner of ...

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    Report: BMW set to rejuvenate scooter business

    Do you remember the BMW C1? The funky scooter from the German automaker has become something of a two-wheeled cult classic. The scooter made either 15 or 18 horsepower, depending on which model you got. But the most notable thing about the C1 was its futuristic windshield/roof combination and its ...

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    Official: BMW Motorrad E-Scooter concept gets detailed [w/videos]

    The BMW Motorrad Concept Vehicle BMW E-Scooter is all-electric, but does its best to provide the range of a regular, internal-combustion-engine scooter. The point of this exercise was to create an electric mount that could take the place of a scooter commuter in terms of range, power and ...

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    Bob Lutz joins electric scooter maker Current Motor

    Bob Lutz rides again. And again. Everyone's favorite former auto executive has saddled up with a new electric scooter company, investing a sizeable chunk of change into Current Motor and taking a spot on the company's advisory council. As of right now, the scooter maker offers a total of three ...

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    Paris Preview: Mini's electric scooter comes into view *Update

    Mini Scooter E Concept – Click above for a high-res image
    Mini's given us an almost true-to-life view of its Scooter E Concept, and while there's a little too much going on up front, the overall design stands to look quite all right in person. There's some serious action going on around the ...

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    Honda unveils EV-neo, promises Japanese sales in 2010

    Honda EV-neo electric scooter – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Honda has announced plans to introduce its first electric scooter in its home market of Japan before the end of the year. The opening salvo in the round of electrified two wheelers will be a production version of the ...

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    BMW previews its vision of a safer city scooter with C1-E concept

    BMW C1-E Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Says BMW, "This is what a safe, environment-friendly and highly practical single track vehicle for city traffic could look like in the future." Well then, let's dissect that statement and see how BMW sought to accomplish these seemingly ...


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