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The idea for TAK Studio's Turbine Lights works like this: cars drive by on the highway, creating wind that spins the turbines built onto the streetlights. The turbine then turn and generate electricity, which powers the streetlights at night or, we hope, gets fed into the grid. It's a good idea, and one of the finalists for the Greener Gadgets Conference taking place later this month in New York City. There's just one issue: this isn't a new idea at all.


During the day, it makes no sense to keep our streetlights on, right? What about at night? Well, sure, not all the time. Sometimes, the moon provides quite a bit of light at night, depending on what lunar cycle we are in. The Civil Twilight Design Collective proposes making our streetlights vary their power with the moons cycles. This, combined with LED lights would save an extraordinary amount of energy versus our standard streetlights today. One might even argue that these lights would be con

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