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    MotoIQ provides sport compact geeks a port in the storm

    We've never been fond of blatantly pimping the sites of our colleagues, but if (like us) you've been jonesing for tech-rich features and import performance stories after the unfortunate demise of Sport Compact Car and Turbo, MotoIQ has stepped up to fill the void. Headed up by Mike Kojima and ...

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    Source Interlink kills Sport Compact Car, laying off 115 employees

    We just got off the phone with one of our sources inside the Source Interlink monolith who informed us that some of Sport Compact Car's staff was laid off yesterday and that the February issue may be the last SCC you'll find on newsstands. The death of SCC follows Source Interlink's execution of ...

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    VIDEO: 2007 Ultimate Street Car Challenge Part 2 and 3

    GT Channel has released number 2 of its 7 part Sport Compact Car Magazine Ultimate Street Car Coverage. We posted a link to the first clip so we are trying to keep things up to date as new parts are uploaded. You won't see a single Mustang in the video either, we promise. It is pretty much limited ...

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    VIDEO: 2007 Sport Compact Car Magazine Ultimate Street Car Challenge

    Click the above image to view the video.Not long ago we brought you the winner of the 2007 Sport Compact Car Magazine Ultimate Street Car Challenge. Many people expressed their dedication to reading the magazine every year to learn the results. However, print hasn't been the only event coverage ...

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    The 2007 Ultimate Street Car is an Audi

    According to Sport Compact Car Magazine, the 2007 Ultimate Street Car is a 2001 Audi S4. For those not in the know, the Ultimate Street Car Challenge is an annual two day event hosted by the editors of Sport Compact Car Magazine. Competitors from all over the country are hand selected to battle ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Tommykaira R #357

    The car above is indeed the same Tommykaira R that graced the pages of Sport Compact Car a couple of years back, and if you want it, it's yours for $93,000. The owner has listed Tommykaira R #357 on eBay. It's one of 400 total R33 Skyline GT-R-badged Tommykaira Rs, which were sold as complete ...


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