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    Report: Ex-car czar Rattner says Auto Task Force should have pushed for more cuts

    The government's Auto Task Force was given the difficult task of saving General Motors and Chrysler at a time when the credit markets were frozen and the economy was in chaos. The team ultimately got the job done by ushering the two iconic companies through extraordinarily short ...

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    Report: Former car czar Rattner impressed by quick Detroit 3 turnaround

    Steven Rattner, who headed up the Obama Administration's Auto Task Force during the quick-rinse bankruptcies of Chrysler and General Motors, is more pleased with the success of the auto bailouts than he ever thought he would be. "Overhaul," Rattner's controversial memoir of his time heading up ...

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    "Car Czar" Rattner settles with Cuomo over pension fund kickbacks

    New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced that his office settled with former White House Task Force "Car Czar" Stephen L. Rattner for $10 million. The agreement comes following charges that Rattner engaged in a kickback scheme involving New York's pension funds while he was an ...

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    GM raises stock prices and increases size ahead of IPO

    If you've been squirreling away your pennies in anticipation of General Motors' IPO, we've got news for you. The company released a statement this morning announcing that it has increased its stock price from $26 to $29 per share to $32 to $33 per share. Additionally, General Motors is now planning ...

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    Followup: Ex-car czar Rattner to speak in Detroit after all?

    Let's try this again. After having his invitation to speak at the Detroit Economic Club rescinded last month, Steven Rattner, the former auto advisor to the Obama Administration, will get another chance to speak to Detroit. The Automotive Press Association is now hosting a lunch where Rattner ...

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    Rattner: GM and Chrysler will be "gushing profits"

    General Motors and Chrysler LLC will lead automakers to "gushing profits" when annual U.S. sales reach 15 million vehicles, said Steven Rattner, the former head of the federal government's auto task force, on Bloomberg TV last Friday. "This industry has been restructured to make money," Rattner ...

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    Report: Ex-car czar Rattner nears SEC settlement

    According to Reuters, the Securities and Exchange Commission is set to settle with the former head of the Obama Administration's auto task force, Steven Rattner. Earlier this year, the SEC charged Rattner with participating in a pay-to-play pension program, but the commission is expected to ...

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    Report: Rattner bio reveals Obama Administration wanted Ghosn to run GM

    Steven Rattner, former automotive adviser to President Barack Obama, has just written a juicy account of last year's automotive bailout, complete with insights on the coming and goings of CEOs, courting foreign saviors and the General Motors plan to abandon its Renaissance Center headquarters. In ...

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    Former Car Czar impressed with progress of GM, Chrysler

    Steven Rattner, the man who headed the Auto Task Force, saved Michigan from bankruptcy, shepherded the still-contentious resurrections of General Motors and Chrysler and will soon have a book on his time in the trenches, has said his little lambs are doing better than he expected they would a ...

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    Christmas List 2010: Rattner's book to debut in time for next Christmas

    Planning for the future is perhaps an alien concept to big business – even automakers, with their protracted product development cycles. Take a cue of what not to do from them, then, and start planning now for next Christmas. May we suggest that your 2010 wishlist starts with what's ...

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    Rattner recounts auto bailout, was "shocked" and "stunned" at condition of GM, Chrysler

    Steve Rattner is a man we admire but do not envy. Rattner, a former Wall Street banking type with zero experience in the automotive or manufacturing world, was tasked by President Obama with guiding General Motors and Chrysler through their restructuring efforts. Not a small job, by any means. Or ...


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