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    Report: Mazda to pay $770k to parents of overworked employee who committed suicide

    The parents of a Mazda worker who killed himself in 2007 have reached a second settlement with the company worth $770,000. The latest settlement brings the parents' total to just over $1.3 million from Mazda. According to The Daily Mail, the auto company was found liable in the worker's death ...

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    Toyota Camry hybrid lead engineer died from Karoshi (overwork)

    Lending a bit of credence to recent allegations made by The National Labor Committee regarding workers right abuses by Toyota is the recent death of a lead engineer on the Camry hybrid project. Although the man died back in 2006, the Japanese Health Ministry has just now ruled that the man died of ...

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    Japanese court rules Toyota employee died from too much work

    We've all heard the horror stories of life in middle management. In Japan, the ill appears to be especially acute. So many Japanese workers die from simply being overworked that there's a name for it: karoshi. Wikipedia says, "The major medical causes of kar?shi deaths are heart attack and stroke ...


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