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1Recharge Wrap-up: Formula E car swap video, Lyft adds carpooling, new Tesla book

California Ports Test Electric Trucks; Global CNG, LPG Forecasts

Curious to see how the Formula E car swap goes down? During each hour-long race (or ePrix, as the series calls them), drivers have to make a pit stop to switch cars as the battery runs down. Of course, they want to do it as quickly as possible. It's kind of a tricky dance extricating oneself from the cockpit of one car and slipping into the seat of another facing the opposite direction. See the maneuver in the video below and read more at Jalopnik.

AddTop Gear host wants electric vehicles powered by bumper car technology

Top Gear host James May has hit upon what he calls an "obvious answer" to the problem of electric cars and "the treachery of their almost entirely useless batteries": overhead wires.

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