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    VIDEO: KITT vs. KARR, the official preview

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    Alex should be writing this post, as he's the sharp end of the stick with which we've been poking NBC for the past 11 episodes of the new Knight Rider. His Knight Rider Liveblogs are ruthless and hilarious at the same time, and next weeks will be a high ...

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    Yes, in the new Knight Rider, KARR is a big robot

    On New Year's Eve, Knight Rider returns to the airwaves following its extended holiday hiatus. Once the 12/31 episode is out of the way (it's reportedly one of the earliest ones filmed, so expect it to suck miserably), the too-little-too-late "reboot" of Knight Rider will get rolling, with ...

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    VIDEO: Knight Rider spoof... freaking hilarious

    Every once in a while we see one of those flash-based spoof cartoons that are just too good to pass up. This one, which is a commercial for Australia's CarsGuide, takes a hilarious swipe at the early 80's car show Knight Rider to show how important the right car really is. From the car's request ...


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