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145Half of Chinese car buyers won't shop Japanese over hard feelings

The hard feelings between China and Japan is no real secret. Besides modern-day disputes, the two countries have had a long-running enmity that dates back to well before the atrocities of World War II. All things considered, then, it shouldn't be a shock that half of Chinese car buyers wouldn't consider a Japanese car.

45Toyota nears $40B cash reserve as calls grow for new investment, payouts

With the April 15 tax deadline just a few months away, our US readers will be faced with a decision should they get a refund: save or spend? It seems this issue is one many of us face whenever there's a windfall, trying to decide whether we should set the money aside in an account of some sort or use it as a down payment on a new car or a trip to the Apple store. Unsurprisingly, major corporations face a similar, albeit more complex, issue.

194Chinese teen runs away from home to try and stop parents from buying Japanese car

Current relations between Japan and China could be described with a number of different words, none of which have particularly good connotations – terse, hostile, threatening and tense would all fit the bill. The reasoning for the general sense of dislike between the two nations isn't really for these pages (look up the Senkaku Islands or Japan's rule of China in World War II if you want a primer), but its effect on their respective populace and their car-buying habits is right in our whee

156Anti-Japan protests in China cause Honda, Mazda, Nissan to suspend production

Reuters is reporting That Honda, Mazda and Nissan have been forced to stop production in China after a series of anti-Japan protests erupted over a territorial dispute between the two countries. The stoppage will see a total of four Honda plants go dark for two days, thanks in part to the fact that local dealers have been under attack and can't receive shipments. Mazda, meanwhile, plans to close its facility in Nanjing for a total of four days, starting on Tuesday. The report sites Luo Lei, the

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