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    Video: SRT Viper TA stops by Adam Carolla's podcast with Ralph Gilles

    As comedian and car guy Adam Carolla walks around to the back of the SRT Viper right before it's started up, Ralph Gilles, President and CEO of SRT, says, "It's got side exhausts there big guy." Getting the Viper TA lowdown Carolla-style is one reason you should watch his latest CarCast video ...

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    Not Safe For Anyone: Adam Carolla on Autoblog

    Look who's on Autoblog! We recently made friends with funny man Adam Carolla, who you may remember from The Man Show, Crank Yankers and Loveline. More recently he's the host of The Adam Carolla Podcast [iTunes link] and Adam Carolla's CarCast. If you're not a CarCast listener yet, correct that ...


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