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camry solara

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    Toyota Camry Solara Convertible saved from Gallows Pole

    Did Toyota get some silver? Did it get a little gold? What did it get, to keep the Camry Solara Convertible from the Gallows Pole*? According to Steve St. Angelo, president of Toyota's Kentucky operations and of no relation to Robert Plant, Toyota got a lot of grief from customers and dealers who ...

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    Die, Die, Die! - Things that should be euthanized in 2007

    (Ed. - The views expressed in this post are those of Dan Roth and not Autoblog in general. Dan asked if he could channel the grumpy old man inside of him, and for better or worse, we took off his leash.)Our morning commute often gives us time to contemplate our navels, as the traffic engineers ...

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    Toyota prices the Camry Solara

    Toyota's sporty coupe and drop-top variants of its popular Camry sedan has been priced out for 2007, and Toyota's bragging about the best mid-cycle refresh to date for the vehicles. The Solara coupe gets design upgrades aplenty, including new halogen headlights, a redesigned grille and fascias, ...


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