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400 hp

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    LX-Prize: 80 MPG '87 Mustang with 400 HP

    var digg_url = ''; Doug Pelmar's 1987 Ford Mustang LX Coupe might have just become our favorite X-Prize competitor. How come? Well, first off, LX Coupes are awesome to begin with, but Mr. Pelmar's is even more special. Rather than neuter his 'Stang ...

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    eBay find of the day: HPA Motorsports' 400 HP New Beetle

    Cars with 400hp are a lot more common than they were only a few years ago, but a VW Beetle with that kind of grunt doesn't come along every day. For the "buy it now" price of $29,900 you can get behind the wheel of this HPA Motorsports of Canada-built hot hatch with all the bells and whistles. The ...


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