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    Review: 2012 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring AWD [w/video]

    Aging Three-Row Still Light On Its Feet All of the auto industry's big-time players are making large three-row crossovers these days, so the segment has become extremely competitive. With stalwarts like the Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Traverse and Ford Explorer at the top of the sales charts, how ...

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    Mazda celebrates turning 90, looks back at logos

    Mazda celebrates 90 years and we look at its changing logo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mazda turns 90 years old this year, and during the Japanese automaker's near-century of building cars, it has stayed true to the Zoom-Zoom ethos that defined it. One thing that has ...

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    Congrats, Mazda! Two millionth Mazda6 rolls off the line

    2011 Mazda6 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Milestones and goals are great things to strive for in life. Mazda just reached a pretty impressive one with their mid-size Mazda6. The two millionth example has just rolled off the assembly line. It took the Japanese automaker eight ...

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    Who's Zoomin' Who? Ad agency behind longtime Mazda campaign reportedly broomed

    Mazda commercials end with the written line, "Zoom Zoom. Forever," and there are few who aren't familiar with that little boy whispering "Zoom Zoom." But while the tagline might be akin to a diamond from De Beers, the 13-year relationship between Mazda and the firm that created it isn't forever ...

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    All Smiles: Updated 2010 Mazda CX-9 headed for New York

    Click image above to enlarge
    In addition to U.S. premieres for its new Mazdaspeed3 and reworked CX-7, Mazda will have a global debut in the form of a "heavily revised" CX-9 at next month's New York Auto Show. For 2010, the three-row crossover will receive a riff on the controversial "smiley ...

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    Zoom-Zoom magazine brings Mazda's mission to print

    Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom" tag line is set to expand beyond license plate frames and that annoying kid in the ad campaigns. Beginning last month and continuing through October, the automaker is launching a new magazine directed at Mazda owners, their vehicles and the "active-lifestyle" its marketers hope ...

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    Mazda dealers: CX-9 sales don't need Zoom-Zoom push

    We recently lamented Mazda's decision not to bring their new MPV minivan to the States. Mazda helped explain the decision by saying that minivan marketing practices put too much downward pressure on prices and therefore limit profits for automakers. We think Mazda could reverse that trend by doing ...

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    Mazda offering MX-5 Roadster Coupe to budding filmmaker

    Mazda held a Zoom-Zoom photo contest in Europe that went so well, they decided to do a video contest as a follow-up. But as with the still shot sweeps, this one is for Europe only. Mazda Motor Europe has launched a video contest to mark the launch of the new Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe, which should ...

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    SevenStock9 event unites RotorHeads from all over North America

    The Southern California RX Club held its annual celebration of all things rotary today at Mazda's HQ in Irvine, California. Every conceivable RX vehicle and rotary powered conversion showed up at the 9th annual SevenStock event. According to the organizers, SevenStock is the largest single day ...

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    Mazda to go it alone with hybrid development

    Despite the past efforts of its parent company, Mazda is setting out on its own path to develop hybrid powertrains. Mazda's senior managing executive in charge of research and development, Seita Kanai, stated that the Japanese company is working independently of Ford to create hybrid vehicles. ...


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