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    Saab working with Hirsch Performance on line of dealer-installed go-faster parts

    2011 Saab 9-5 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Autoblog has learned that newly emancipated Saab is already looking to boost its enthusiast portfolio with higher-output engines and performance parts, albeit in a temporarily limited fashion. According to company sources, the Swedish ...

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    VIDEO: Griffin Up! Saab supporter creates mash-up in support of brand

    Griffin Up! - In support of Saab Automobile – click above to watch video
    Neither Santa Claus nor the Grinch showed up for Saab faithful over Christmas, as the troubled automaker remains in limbo, with General Motors not releasing any further announcements over the holiday about the fate of ...

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    Saab and Tata form joint venture to build... a fighter jet?!

    The Swedish Airplane Company, or Saab AB, has been building aircraft since 1937. To diversify its business, the company started making cars in the late 1940s. Whether we cringe or not, Saab Automobile (the car division) has always reminded the public that its cars have fighter jet DNA (e.g., "Born ...

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    Would reviving the Viggen help or hurt Saab?

    Viggen is loosely translated from Swedish to mean "torque steer that will bust your elbows." Actually, Saab borrowed the Viggen moniker from a fighter jet for a top-dog version of the 9-3 that bowed in 1999. The Saabophiles at Turbonines have been dreaming as of late about a new Viggen, and they've ...


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