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transmission plant

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    Official: Honda invests $470 million for new transmission plant in Mexico

    Honda has announced that it has made an initial investment of $470 million to build a brand new transmission plant in Celaya, Mexico. For those keeping track, this is the same city that will also house Honda's new automobile manufacturing facility, which will begin production of the Fit compact ...

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    Report: Chrysler pulling ahead production of eight-speed transmissions

    Chrysler is getting serious about its eight-speed transmission plans as evidenced by a new report by saying that Auburn Hills plans to pull ahead its production schedule. It takes money to make things things like this happen, and Chrysler has announced it is investing $85 ...

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    VW also planning engine, transmission plant in the U.S.

    Volkswagen has been in a marketing and sales funk here in the U.S. over the past few years, but the German automaker plans to drastically change that in the coming decade. A big part of VW's North American growth plan is a brand new plant in South Carolina (actual plant location has yet to be ...


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