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17Drivers Who Text Know The Risks, Do It Anyway

Nearly everyone agrees that texting and driving is dangerous

Nearly everyone agrees that texting and driving is dangerous. Most people do it anyway.

64New '#X' Anti-Texting While Driving Campaign Picks Up Speed

AT&T reminds text-addicted drivers 'It Can Wait'

If you encounter a '#X' followed by silence during a text conversation today you might think the other person fell asleep on their phone, but they're actually letting you know that they're about to drive.

171VW 'Eyes On The Road' Ad Brings Danger Of Texting And Driving To The Movies

Distracted driving continues to be a scourge to road safety around the world.

Distracted driving continues to be a scourge to road safety around the world. In Hong Kong, Volkswagen helped with a technologically savvy way to make people understand the peril.

75Americans Know Driving Drunk And Distracted Is Dangerous, Do It Anyway

Half of people who think texting while driving is dangerous have done it in the past

Americans are behaving badly while driving, and they know it. A new Harris Poll found the vast majority of Americans recognize the dangers of drunk driving, texting while driving and other distractions, but many still engage in these activities anyway.

59GM app will let you scan a license plate then text that driver

Ever look at something and think, "Who the heck thought this was a good idea?" No? Well, you're about to. General Motors' Chinese research and development division has come up with a new Android app that will allow people to scan license plates and send messages to the vehicle's owner, regardless of whether the other driver has downloaded the app.

33VW 'Eyes on the road' ad brings danger of texting and driving to the movies

Distracted driving continues to be a scourge to road safety around the world. In the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ran a graphic commercial in April appealing to young people about the dangers of texting and driving. In Hong Kong, Volkswagen helped with a technologically savvy way to make people understand the peril.

AddThink You've Got The Skills To Overcome Distracted Driving?

In new public-service announcement, Rhett and Link engage in a dubious battle

Public-service announcements fashioned in the form of a rap battle seem like a terrible idea, but the video made by YouTube stars Rhett and Link for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration manages to be hilarious.

51NHTSA launches first-ever national distracted driving campaign with brutal ad

It used to be that most of the car-related public service announcements on TV focused on preventing drunk driving and getting people to buckle their seatbelts, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched grisly new ads combatting distracted drivers with the slogan "U Drive. U Text. U Pay." The spots will see heavy rotation in April because it's National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. To further ram the message home, the Department of Transportation has coordinated wi

342Texting-While-Driving Ad Shows Devastating Effects Of Distracted Driving

If you're texting, you're not driving

The Department of Transportation released a commercial Wednesday aimed at teens and young adults to help curb distracted driving just in time for Distracted Driving Awareness month.

291Billboards Of Drivers Texting Appear In San Francisco

Artist uses blog and advertising curb distracted drivering

An artist in California is calling attention to bad driving habits in a big way, posting pictures of real motorists engaging in distracted driving on billboards all over San Francisco.

17Amputee Pushes For Stricter Distracted Driving Laws

Motorcyclist was hit and dragged by distracted driver

A Texas man who lost his leg after he was hit by a distracted driver is urging city officials to approve a new, stricter hands-free driving ordinances in his hometown of Austin.

44Watch how badly you can drive when texting while driving

It's likely that we've all, once in our lives and before it was illegal, sent one teensy tiny text while we were driving. And while the vast majority of us managed to do it without smashing into another car or a tree, the same can't be said for everyone who drives and texts. Ft. Myers, Florida driver Michael Woody, Jr. was so taken with his SMS-ing that his erratic driving caught the attention of police, who began to follow him. Not only did Woody miss the authorities in his rearview, his drivin

137Texting While Driving Crash Caught On Camera

Driver loses control of his car and flips

This video from Florida is a perfect example of how quickly texting while driving can go wrong. Police noticed 23-year-old Michael Woody's erratic driving, according to CBS 6.

35Kids drive distracted more than their parents think

Having children must instill in parents a certain sense of naïveté (this is, after all, coming from someone without children). It must be incomprehensible that this tiny human, which you raised and sacrificed for, would be anything other than good, and right and just. They would never bully another child, or mouth off to a teacher. They'd never get caught smoking or cutting class, or smoking while cutting class. And they'd certainly, never, ever get distracted while driving. "Not my

40New York adding 'texting zones" on highways

The state of New York announced on Monday it will be instituting so-called texting zones for drivers who just cannot wait to send an LOL or emoji to their BFF. There will be 91 zones at first, all of which will take advantage of existing rest areas, in a trial program instituted by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (pictured above), as part of his continuing efforts to reduce the number of distracted drivers on the state's roads. "New York State is continuing to use every tool at its disposal to co

1Fatal Accident Risks Rise For Teens Carrying Passengers

Drivers aged 15-17 have 8 times the risk of a fatal accident of those aged 18-24

Parents have new reason to breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to the safety of their teen drivers, and they have new reason to be frightened.

180Woman Drives Into Lake While Texting

While distracted, she plunged her car into five feet of water

The Charles County Sheriff's Office says a woman was texting while driving when her car left the road and landed in a lake.

207'Brake For Bela' Grassroots Campaign Dedicated To Keeping Kids Safe

Family seeks to highten motorists awareness of kids during the summer months

Five-year-old Bela Estes was playing with friends in front of her home in Arvada, Colo., when she ran out into the street and was hit by a car.

62New York Cracks Down On Texting While Driving

New SUVs make it easier for police to catch distracted drivers

New York State, like 39 states other states that have banned texting while driving, has issued very few tickets in relation to the problem. Gov. Andre Cuomo has expanded measures aimed at distracted driving to bring enforcement in line with the problem.

26Few Texting-While-Driving Tickets Issued

Less than one ticket a day on average in some states

Thirty-nine states have laws that ban texting while driving, but are they keeping us any safer? A new report casts doubt. USA Today conducted a survey of state police agencies, and found the laws are resulting, in some cases, in fewer than one ticket per day being issued.

27Study says voice-to-text no safer than regular texting

So much for all those systems that allow you to convert your voice to text messages. Reuters reports that a new study by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M has found the technology to be no safer to use while driving than employing a traditional handheld device. The study found that drivers took around twice as long to react to situations on the road as they did while they weren't texting and that eye contact with the road decreased as well.

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