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    Official: Volkswagen do Brasil doubles up on new Saveiro ute [w/video]

    Volkswagen may have come a long way since the original Beetle to produce hatchbacks, coupes, convertibles, sedans, wagons and crossovers... but pickups? As we found out in England recently, the Amarok is a notable exception, but it's not the only one. Head down to South America and you can also ...

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    Official: Ford to add 5,000 US jobs plus 3 plants and 23 vehicles globally

    16 of the 23 new launches will be for the North American market. 2014 is shaping up to be a big year for Ford Motor Company, as it's announced an onslaught of 23 new global product launches which will help create 5,000 new jobs in the US. As part of the new product push, three more ...

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    Official: Ford Ka Concept shown in Brazil, could enter production by 2014

    The Ford Ka (pronounce it like a Bostonian saying "car") is the Blue Oval's sub-Fiesta offering in a number of markets that aren't North America. It's been a staple in Europe since it launched in 1996 and in South America since 1997, where it's enjoyed quite a bit of popularity as an affordable, ...

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    Report: Toyota struggling in Latin American market, attempting recovery

    With uncertainty in the US and Chinese markets, automakers are scrambling to rev up their efforts in what were traditionally secondary markets. Take Toyota's efforts in Latin America. A recent story from The Wall Street Journal highlights the Japanese brand's push in the southern hemisphere, ...

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    Official: BMW planning $261 million plant in Brazil

    BMW has announced plans to invest 200 million euro ($261 million by current exchange rates) in a facility in Brazil. The move is an effort to counter Audi in one of the world's quickest-growing markets. BMW says it plans to produces upwards of 30,000 units a year at the Santa Catarina factory by ...

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    Followup: Fake Kia ads cause uproar, get creatives banned from Cannes

    First, Kia Motors Brazil disavowed the ads done in its name by Brazilian agency Moma Propaganda, and now, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is doing the same. If you'll remember, some creatives at Moma put together a rather suggestive, comic diptych to advertise the dual-zone ...

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    Official: Chevrolet Cobalt lives... in South America

    The Cobalt lives. Well, not here in the United States, where the Chevrolet Cruze has thankfully banished all memories of GM's last uncompetitive compact, but at least in Argentina. Alongside the Colorado Rally Concept, Chevrolet is displaying the Cobalt Concept you see here at the Buenos Aires ...

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    Report: New car sales on the rise in Latin America

    According to the Los Angeles Times, new car sales in South America are skyrocketing, thanks to wage hikes, more jobs and easy credit terms. Last year, there were 3.5 million new car and light truck purchases in Brazil alone, representing an 86-percent increase over 2006. While Brazil leads the ...

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    BMW pondering first Latin America plant?

    BMW may be planning to set up a new manufacturing facility in Brazil. The automaker currently only sells around 10,000 units per year in the South American country, but BMW has seen sales leap by 50 percent annually in the market for the past few years. According to Reuters, standards of living in ...

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    2011 Chevrolet Montana compact truck unveiled in South America

    2011 Chevrolet Montana – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Say hullo to this little truck: It's the 2011 Chevrolet Montana and it might just make its way up from South America into U.S. dealer showrooms. It's a small two-door, two-passenger ute that rides on the same platform as the ...

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    Fiat tempts Latin American and European audiences with Strada Cabine Dupla pickup

    Fiat Strada Cabine Dupla -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    For European and South American markets, Fiat rolled out several versions of its Strada pickup last year. Now, the Italian company introduces a "dual cab" version with two extra back seats – but without two extra doors. ...

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    Parabéns! Fiat Automóveis builds its 10,000,000th vehicle in Brazil

    There are milestones, and then there are milestones. Last week, Fiat's Brazilian division celebrated the big mamma: 10 million vehicles produced. The Italian automaker has been building cars and light trucks in Brazil for over 30 years, and today Fiat Automóveis holds a 25.5% market share, ...

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    VIDEO: Sebastien Loeb does the Gymkhana dance

    Follow the jump to watch Sebastien Loeb demonstrate his talents
    Sebastien Loeb went to Argentina and did some dancing that wasn't the tango. The WRC champion performed a demonstration with his Citroen rally car that was reminiscent of gymkhana. Although it's a little repetitive and nowhere near as ...

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    Bolivia bans most imports to... curb traffic?

    Outside of a Terry Gilliam film, where else can you see a used car blessing ceremony, a city of one million people with 535 different public bus routes, roadblocks set up by car mechanics, and kids dressed in zebra suits patrolling crosswalks? Bolivia, that's where. The South American nation, ...

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    Coming to America? Peugeot entering new segments, markets

    Peugeot is a long way off from its ambitious target of selling 4 million units annually by the end of the decade. This year its sales projects put it at 2 million, but chief executive Jean-Philippe Collin has a plan in place to reach the targets set out by parent company PSA. The plan involves ...

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    Fiat considering plant in Mexico

    Click above for a high-res gallery of Fiat's Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione As the dollar weakens, European manufacturers continue to scramble for manufacturing opportunities offshore to salvage profits. Fiat is the latest to jump into the fray. Company sources are saying the Italian automaker is ...

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    Ford Edge headed to Brazil

    It seems like America is the only place where American cars aren't popular. Buick has huge numbers in China, and Ford's having a lot of success in Brazil. Sales of the Fusion sedan took off to the point that it now leads the midsize segment there. Riding high on the Fusion's success, Ford's sending ...

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    Dakar looks at alternatives, South America tops list

    Following the unfortunate cancellation of this year's Dakar rally, race organizers are examining a number of potential alternatives to permanently move the race away from northern Africa. Last year's race had stages canceled due to security considerations, but this year's event, which would have ...

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    Chrysler and Chery resume talks to build cheap cars in China

    Carlos Ghosn recently said that Renault/Nissan is developing a $3K car with Indian partner Tata. Honda said it looked at the same idea, but that it couldn't build a car with Honda values for that money. Chrysler has put itself in the Honda camp, ruling out the creation of a $3K car with Chinese ...

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    India is Toyota's litmus test for inexpensive cars

    Last month we reported how Toyota Motor Corp. found itself at a disadvantage in emerging markets such as Brazil and India where cost is a top priority among buyers.Toyota, the automotive equivalent of an irrresistable force, is not deterred. The newspaper Nihon Keizai reports the company has plans ...


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