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Top Gear Magazine may find itself under new rulers soon. The BBC has put the magazine up for sale alongside titles like Radio Times and Gardeners' World, and so far four publishing houses have expressed interest in nabbing the lot. Chief among those are the rival German companies Bauer and Burda. According to reports, Bauer has submitted a bid of around £100 million, or around $161 million at current conversion rates. That figure tops the £70 million bid that British houses Haymarket

Corvette Quarterly, General Motors' official publication all about Chevrolet's iconic sportscar, is apparently going through some major changes. According to a posting at the top of the magazine's web site, the publisher will not be printing spring or summer editions. The official quote:

In the ongoing struggle between magazines and websites, it should be immediately clear to anyone where we stand. With websites like ours getting constantly updated as the news emerges, magazines are increasingly becoming an outdated relic for delivering automotive news to enthusiasts (like yourself, reading this post).

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