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    Report: Porsche would have entered F1 if Audi had blocked its Le Mans program

    Go back a few years and you may have heard rumors of Porsche heading into Formula One. That never came to pass – or at least, it hasn't yet – but that doesn't mean that it wasn't close to happening. That's how committed to returning to top-level motorsport competition Porsche has ...

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    Rumormill: Volkswagen planning to enter F1 in 2015

    For three years we have ridden the high seas when it comes to Volkswagen's reported entry into Formula One. In 2009, the German juggernaut's interest was piqued by the idea of supplying engines when the new regulations mandated 1.6-liter turbocharged V6s in 2014. By the end of 2010, it was said ...

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    Report: VW not interested in F1 after all

    Rumors had been swirling about Volkswagen taking interest in putting together an F1 program. The German automaker would either supply engines, or perhaps Porsche would be re-entering the Formula 1 fold. We told you that VW was giving itself until the end of the year to decide if it wanted to ...

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    Volkswagen group reportedly considering entering F1

    Formula 3 Dallara-Volkswagen
    Automakers appear to be pulling out of Formula One en masse. Jaguar and Ford withdrew a few years ago already, Honda canceled its participation at the end of last season, BMW is leaving at the end of this one, and both Toyota and Renault are reportedly considering ...

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    All Thumbs? No Problem: Gemballa F1 steering wheel for Porsche 911 PDK

    Porsche 911 Carrera PDK with Gemballa F1 steering wheel - Click above for a hi-res gallery
    There's no doubt that the technology behind the Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) transmission is a marvel of engineering – much like any other dual-clutch gearbox – but its ergonomics leave something ...

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    [Not TiVoSafe] Motorsports Highlights: April 22-23

    Quite a weekend! Ferrari returns, a new Nextel Cup points leader, a wild sports car race, a ton of motorcycle road racing, and some fence-climbing in Japan.Formula 1:At the front of the field, the San Marino Grand Prix was a mirror-image of last year's race, this time with Michael Schumacher ...


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