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paul newman

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    Report: Adam Carolla making a Paul Newman racing documentary

    Comedian Adam Carolla is a pretty solid car guy, having hosted the short-lived Car Show in 2011. Over the years, his interest has strayed towards vintage racers, particularly those campaigned by Hollywood legend Paul Newman. This admiration of Newman's racing has led Carolla to begin work on a ...

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    Video: Seinfeld drives David Letterman's V8 Volvo wagon in latest CiCGC

    Paul Newman once talked David Letterman into repowering a then-new Volvo 960 station wagon with a supercharged Ford 5.0-liter V8. No, that's not the setup to a joke. Letterman recently handed over the keys to his 380-horsepower family hauler to Jerry Seinfeld for the latest episode of Comedians ...

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    Official: Newman-Haas closing doors after nearly 30 years of racing

    Storied racing team Newman-Haas has officially closed up shop. Despite finishing fourth in Indycar's overall driver standings in 2011, the team reportedly couldn't find the sponsorship necessary to continue operations. Founded in 1982 by actor Paul Newman and Carl Haas, the team racked up 107 ...

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    Paul Newman's mid-engine V8 Beetle on sale for $250K

    This Volkswagen Beetle is priced to sell at $250,000. No, there's no typo in that figure. This 1963 VW Bug has celebrity ownership, as it once belonged to Mr. Paul Newman. Still not doing it for you at that price? Perhaps a peak under the hood will change your mind. Paul Newman loved him some ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Ex-Newman 1987 Nissan 300ZX IMSA GTO racer

    Paul Newman's 1987 Nissan 300ZX IMSA GTO Racecar – Click above for image gallery
    Chances are, you've probably thought about what exactly you would buy if you had money bleeding out of every bodily orifice. Allow us to add another candidate to the list: Paul Newman's 1987 Nissan 300ZX IMSA ...

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    Paul Newman's car collection headed to auction

    The will of actor and race car driver Paul Newman has been filed and read, revealing who gets the things he left behind. His wife, Joanne Woodward, get his Westport estate and art collection while his salad dressing business goes to the Newman's Own Foundation. That charitable organization also ...

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    Letterman remembers Paul Newman...and their V8 Volvos

    In the wake of Paul Newman's passing just over a week ago, we've seen countless, wonderful tributes to the man written from different points of view. He's remembered as an actor, a colleague, a racer, and most importantly, a towering philanthropist. One of the best non-written remembrances, ...

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    RIP: Paul Newman 1925-2008

    Photo: prorallypix | License: Creative Commons 2.0Actor, racer, philanthropist and all-around great human being Paul Newman has died. Newman was 83 years old and is believed to have been diagnosed with cancer in 2007. His acting career spanned more than half a century and included roles such as ...

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    Paul Newman takes last laps at Lime Rock

    In the world of Hollywood where so many people are vacuous prima donnas, Paul Newman is one of the great exceptions. He is considered one of the greatest American actors and one of the classiest human beings. However, after 83 years, the Newman era is drawing to a close. About 18 months ago, Newman ...

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    VIDEO: "It's a Skyline. It's teriffic"

    That's what Paul Newman says in the killer TV spot for the 1980 Skyline Turbo you see above. Widebodied, fast, and vicious-sounding, the race-prepped Skyline attacks Daytona like it owns the joint with Newman behind the wheel. Awesome, awesome stuff. Anyway, we thought we'd put together a gallery ...

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    Race car driver addresses senior driving question

    Louis "Topspeed" Albornoz, a professional Formula and kart driver, answered a reader's question if people over 65 years or older should be allowed to continuing driving. While Albornoz acknowledges older drivers have decreased capabilities like slower reflexes, he points out that such folks usually ...


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