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    Video: Watch Oakley test out its flask's durability with a parade of pricy cars

    Do you like to drink in public, where big, fragile glass bottles full of expensive booze are a hassle and a liability? Do you ever drink so hard that your very drinking vessel – even a sturdy one like a metal flask – just isn't extreme enough? Do you like Scotch whisky? Do you like to ...

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    SEMA: Toyota unloads bounty of SEMA rides

    Toyota is bringing an arsenal of custom vehicles to SEMA 2011, including three pickups and one very cool Yaris B-Spec Racer. The pint-sized bruiser is based on the 2012 Yaris SE and should be bashing fenders with the rest of the SCCA B-Spec class contenders soon. Toyota says that Jamie Bestwick, ...

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    Lamborghini Aventador gets first aftermarket tune from Oakley Design

    Oakley Design is one automotive aftermarket tuning firm that often gets things very right. Rather than turning to outrageous, over-the-top styling touches, Oakley Design realizes it's working with something that's already special and simply turns the knob from 10 to 11. We saw the firms take on ...

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    Oakley C Six shades: CNC-milled from solid carbon fiber billet

    Carbon fiber. It's light, it's strong, and it looks so darn cool. As such, we doubt we're the only ones who've wondered why we don't see more eyewear made out of the stuff. Well, there are a couple of good reasons – namely that it's expensive and difficult to work with. While it's ...


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