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mazda furai concept

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    Read This: Top Gear recounts the fiery demise of the Mazda Furai

    This past September we reported on Top Gear's destruction of the Mazda Furai, one of the finest concept cars to ever grace an auto show stage. It turns out that the Furai, which was burned nearly beyond recognition at the hands of the British magazine, was actually destroyed back in 2008, and ...

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    Report: Top Gear cops to being on-hand for Mazda Furai Concept car-b-que

    Five years after the beautiful Mazda Furai Concept debuted, Top Gear magazine has finally admitted to accidentally burning it to the ground in a teaser for the 20th anniversary issue – sort of. The magazine provides a photo of the crispy Furai Concept on its website, but has since allegedly ...

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    Nagare no more? Mazda to change styling direction

    Mazda Furai Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to Auto Express, Mazda Europe's British design boss Peter Birtwhistle has confirmed that the Japanese automaker will take on a new styling direction. Perhaps the news shouldn't come as a shocker, considering that former ...

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    Detroit 2008: Mazda Furai looks even better in person

    click above for new live shots of the Mazda Furai We were looking forward to seeing the Mazda Furai, but nothing could take away from the experience of actually seeing it in person. The car simply just doesn't have a bad angle. What's really incredible is that it's not just a show car. Under that ...

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    Detroit '08 Preview: Mazda Furai breaks cover!

    We got a small preview of the Furai Concept with a teaser photo released by Mazda a few weeks ago, but Inside Line has let the cat out of the bag with a full set of photos and more details about the car. The Furai, which translates to "sound of wind", is built on a Courage C65 chassis that was ...


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