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    REPORT: Chevrolet to take larger role at GM, account for 70% of total volume

    Forget about more cowbell, for GM it's all about more Chevy -- at least, that's the situation for Chevrolet's new VP Brent Dewar. So far this year the Bowtie has posted more than 60% of GM's North American volume, but Dewar wants that to get to 70%. "As Pontiac goes away, Saturn goes away," Dewar ...

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    Toyota reverses decision, chooses to again seek quality over market share

    It was back in 2002 when Fujio Cho, then-President of Toyota Motor Corp., set the company's goal of achieving a 15 percent share of the global automotive market sometime after 2010. Seven years ago, it didn't seem much of a stretch as the automaker had already captured 10.7 percent, and the ...

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    REPORT: Ford poised to overtake GM as America's top-selling automaker

    2010 Ford Mustang – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to Merrill Lynch's Car Wars study, Ford's improving lineup of cars will be responsible for hauling the company's market share to places it hasn't been in many decades – namely, ahead of General Motors and number one ...

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    Ford Fiesta winning hearts and minds - and wallets - in Europe

    2009 Ford Fiesta - Click above for a high-res gallery
    The Ford Fiesta has already won us over -– twice – and we can't even buy the car yet. But European buyers are nabbing so many Fiestas that the Blue Oval is now enjoying a 10% market share in Europe based on the strength of the ...

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    How quickly we forget: Cheaper gas = higher pickup and SUV sales

    Pickup and SUV sales plummeted when gas hit $4 per gallon, and many thought these gas-guzzling segments would never fully recover. That may be true, but for now Americans are once again getting more comfortable with trucks and SUVs. Truck sales fell below 10% of overall vehicle sales back in May ...

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    Asian brands beat Big 3 sales in May

    Just less than a year ago, the Big 3 domestic automakers' combined market share dropped to less than 50-percent of the overall automobile market. That sobering statistic was made factual when the combined sales of vehicles from both Asian countries, such as Japan and Korea, were combined with sales ...

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    Jeep helping Chrysler retain market share

    The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Compass, and Patriot are helping Chrysler defend its market share in a declining sales environment. Between these new models and incentives on Dodge and Chrysler vehicles, Chrysler has managed to stay 0.1% ahead of the market's year-on-year drop in sales. The Wrangler ...

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    First time in 102 years: Big 3 lose majority market share to imports

    var digg_url = ''; As we reported in our By the Numbers post earlier today, last month nearly every automaker, import and domestics alike, had a tough time selling cars. The domestics, ...

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    Would VW leave the US market?

    VW's has strengthened its position in Europe as the leading brand, claiming more than 20% market share. In the US, though, VW sales have dropped by an average of 25,000 cars every year for four years, and the company has lost close to a billion dollars each of the past three years. Stefan Jacoby, ...

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    Domestics may end month with market share below 50%

    Can a drawn-out incentive campaign keep the domestics ahead of the imports? Automotive News, for one, seems to think it would only serve to delay the inevitable. Detroit is on a trajectory to fall below 50 percent in market share in the very near future, maybe even this month. It seems obvious that ...

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    Honda gaining momentum on the Big 2.5

    Unless your current residence is beneath the Earth's crust, you probably know about the beating Toyota has been laying on the domestic automakers. Almost every month, Toyota's sales rise by double-digits while the Detroit-based competition endures losses. It seems there's constant debate over ...

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    Toyota poised to take #2 spot from Ford

    Ford Motor Co. has admitted what we saw coming for some time. The New York Times just ran a story saying Ford has announced that they fully expect Toyota to take over as number two behind General Motors. At least in America. Perhaps not unexpected, but it still sounds weird to hear that Ford won't ...

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    Riding out the storm: 2007 going to be a bad year for sales

    The automotive industry isn't back on the upswing yet. 2007 may prove to be a nine-year low for sales at 16.2 million units, with Detroit automakers taking the biggest hit. CSM Worldwide, leading auto industry analysts, released a report recently indicating that U.S. light-vehicle sales would drop ...

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    Ford to shrink dealer network over three years

    Reuters is reporting that Ford will be shrinking its dealer base over the next three years in order to better align its distribution network with a market share that is smaller than it has been in the past. Dealers were told of the planned reduction at the dealer meeting in Las Vegas last month. ...

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    By the Numbers: July 2006

    The numbers for July have rolled in and we bet most manufacturers wish they would roll right back out. Of the 34 brands that have reported their July sales so far, 22 are reporting a drop in monthly sales versus the same period last year. The Chrysler Group's drop has attracted the most attention ...

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    Summer shaping up to be difficult for domestics

    As Toyota and Honda called in record numbers for June sales, auto dealers pushing domestics are looking to corporate to lay some incentives down to get them through the summer, according to a survey of dealers conducted by Automotive News. Instead, automakers are laying down more ...

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    VW Sagitar launched in China to bolster comeback

    Once the dominant player in China’s auto market with a 50-percent marketshare, VW’s Sino sales have fallen dramatically recently to the point it’s number one position is being threatened by GM. Enter the Sagitar, a renamed version of the Jetta that the company says is the ...

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    Ford moving on up

    While overall sales may have been down for Ford Motor Co. compared to last year, the various brands under the Blue Oval have been gaining, especially the automaker’s new mid-sized sedan offerings, the Ford Fusion, the Mercury Milan and the Lincoln Zephyr. Sales for the three were up 28 ...

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    GM loses another point of market share in Q1

    On Monday GM sales analyst Paul Ballew announced that the General’s market share would slip a percentage point in the first quarter to 24 percent compared to a year earlier. Mark LaNeve, the company’s VP of North American sales (a.k.a. Captain Obvious), also called the sales outlook for ...


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