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    Fiat taking Chrysler production back to China within four years

    As recently as two years ago Chrysler and Chery were more than cozy and working on Chinese-market products that would eventually make their way this way. Nothing ultimately came of it, but Chrysler hasn't given up on the Chinese dream. Or more accurately, Fiat hasn't given up on the Chinese dream ...

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    Zetsche reportedly says Daimler to pick new compact car partner by mid-2010

    Despite rumors of Daimler and Renault collaborating on a four-door Smart model, no official tie-up between the two companies has been announced. That could change next year when Daimler will reportedly decide who its small-car partner will be. Daimler is getting even more heavily into the ...

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    REPORT: GM selling control of Chinese joint venture to SAIC, half of India operations

    It has been a busy week at General Motors. The week started off with CEO Fritz Henderson's abrupt resignation, then executives converged on the LA Auto Show where Bob Lutz was the keynote speaker and then the U.S. market Chevy Cruze was revealed. Now, the General is reportedly deep in negotiations ...

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    REPORT: Peugeot also wants ties with BMW that go beyond engines and platforms

    A couple of years ago, BMW said it wanted out of the joint engine game with Peugeot. Today, not only are the two companies still sharing powerplants – the PSA engines that go in the Mini and Pugs like the 207 – but BMW's head has recently stated that the automaker is considering ...

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    REPORT: Daimler and BMW decline U.S. transmission joint-venture

    Daimler AG is one of a shrinking number of automakers that continues to build its own transmissions, but the parent of Mercedes-Benz is now looking to change that. The automaker has been holding talks with rival BMW about possible powertrain collaborations including transmissions. Mercedes ...

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    Chery and Fiat put alliance talks on hold

    The global economic recession has officially slowed Fiat's Big Love-style partnerships, as the Italian automaker's deal with Chery to produce models for the Chinese market has been put on hold. In August 2007, the two companies agreed on a 50/50 joint venture to produce 175,000 vehicles per year ...

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    Tata Nano may be branded a Fiat in overseas markets

    Click above to view more images of the Tata Nano Fiat and Tata already have a joint venture to distribute commercial vehicles. If they can do the big stuff, why not the little stuff? Tata and Fiat are looking at an agreement to sell the Tata Nano outside of India in markets where Fiat has a strong ...

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    Business as Usual: Nanjing will continue building Fiats post-divorce

    Fiat and Nanjing may have divorced their marriage on passenger cars, but that shouldn't affect their offspring. Following Fiat's withdrawal from its joint venture with the Chinese automaker, production of three current Fiat models at the Nanjing plant is expected to continue. With demand for the ...

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    Post-merger, Fiat ditches Nanjing joint venture

    Hot on the heels of Nanjing Auto's merger with SAIC, Fiat has announced it has pulled out of the automotive joint venture it had embarked upon with Nanjing. The Sino-Italian operation had been a money-losing enterprise for years. Fiat says that Nanjing failed to live up to its commitments to the ...

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    Nissan and Suzuki mulling more partnerships

    Apparently the partnership between Suzuki and Nissan is one that both sides like. So much so that they are already discussing additional future collaborations. We have already reported about the Suzuki-built, Nissan-badged Moco minicar, the Nissan-built, Suzuki-badged Jimny from Thailand, and then ...

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    General Motors and Isuzu to build pickups together

    General Motors and Isuzu Motors Ltd. will get together for another joint venture to start developing new pickups together for emerging markets.  The JV, called LCV Platform Engineering Corp., has worked together successfully before on pickup development and production, and despite GM having ...

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    GM to co-develop and sell hybrids with Suzuki in North America?

    Color us confused. General Motors recently divested itself of the vast majority of its Suzuki stock, and the two have been severing ties left and right, including official word on Chevrolet of Japan's fortunes in Suzuki's network earlier today. But in contrarian fashion, Japanese newspaper Nihon ...

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    Chrysler to team with Chery for new small car?

    According to Automotive News, Chrysler is considering striking a deal with Chinese automaker Chery to build a new small Dodge or Chrysler for the international market. A meeting between Chery President Yin Tongyao and Chrysler executives is rumored for Friday, May 5.If Chery does end up assembling ...

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    Mazda3 production grinds to halt in China

    Just one month after going on sale in China, Mazda's joint-venture plant that produces the Mazda 3 has fallen silent. While the Chang'an Ford Motors Corp facility isn't  releasing the official reason for the cessation, analyst Hu Song of Haitong Securities Co. Ltd. believes the situation is ...

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    Iran grinds Renault joint-venture to a halt

    Iran is putting a crimp in Renault's plans. The French automaker had teamed up with the nation as part of a joint-venture to build the bare-bones Logan (L90), but now finds itself in a bind as authorities in Tehran have nixed the plan, apparently over a disagreement over the export futures of the ...


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