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    Report: Renault's planned luxury sub-brand gets reconsidered

    Renault believes there's enough Alpine love to restart that brand with its own model almost immediately. The launch of the Initiale Paris luxury brand it's been mulling, on the other hand, will be more restrained: a report in Autocar says that instead of launching with a first model based on the ...

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    Report: Renault's Initiale Paris luxe brand to get phased launch?

    The Renault Initiale Paris concept car from 1995 (pictured) became the company's Vel Satis flagship model that sold from 2002 to 2009 – although the Vel Satis did without the concept's detuned Formula One engine, a 392-horsepower, 3.5-liter Renault Sport RS6 V10, which might be why it never ...

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    Report: Book: Ghosn would've taken top spot at Ford, but only if named CEO and Chairman

    With just a day until Bryce Hoffman's American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company is released, more revelations from the book are hitting the headlines. Among the juiciest: Nissan-Renault chief Carlos Ghosn was offered the top job at Ford prior to Alan Mulally, but turned ...

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    Report: Ghosn rules out Renault returning to U.S.

    Fiat may have returned to the U.S. market, but Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn doesn't plan on seeing the his French marque stage a comeback in the Land of the Free. According to The Detroit News, Renault will instead focus its efforts on introducing the brand to the Chinese market. Ghosn said ...

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    Report: Infiniti GT-R back on the table?

    When Japanese automakers crank out a supercar, it is, first of all, a rare occasion. And it usually wears the badge of its respective luxury division. Toyota's is the Lexus LFA. Honda's was the Acura NSX (at least here in the States). But not Nissan. That company's supercar – the GT-R ...

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    Report: Nissan's Ghosn earned $12M in 2010, making him Japan's highest-paid foreign exec

    Carlos Ghosn has the honor of being the highest-paid foreign executive of any Japanese company. The Nissan CEO brought home a staggering $12 million for his efforts at the automaker last year alone, which marks a 10-percent increase over his take-home pay last year. For the sake of comparison, ...

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    Report: Nissan bigwigs paid twice as much as Honda, Toyota counterparts

    Nissan, Japan's second-largest automaker, apparently believes it has a more talented executive staff than Toyota or Honda. According to company CEO Carlos Ghosn, Nissan delivers its shareholders "the best performance possible with the best talent." Talent like that deserves to be rewarded, and ...

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    Report: Rattner bio reveals Obama Administration wanted Ghosn to run GM

    Steven Rattner, former automotive adviser to President Barack Obama, has just written a juicy account of last year's automotive bailout, complete with insights on the coming and goings of CEOs, courting foreign saviors and the General Motors plan to abandon its Renaissance Center headquarters. In ...

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    Report: Nissan to pay directors four times more than Toyota

    According to Bloomberg, Nissan is the place to be a director for a Japanese automaker. According to a new article, Nissan Motor Company hands its directors close to four times the amount of pay as its rival Toyota and three times as much as what Honda directors bring home. Averaged among all of ...

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    The on Autoblog with Paul Eisenstein

    Where have all the mavericks gone? When he hands in his office keys a few days from now, General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz will begin an oft-delayed retirement that was originally set to begin shortly after the ill-fated "merger of equals" between Daimler and Chrysler. His decision to rejoin ...

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    Renault F1: Sponsored by... Lada!

    Renault R30 F1 car – click above for high-res image gallery
    Renault F1's got itself a new sponsor: Lada. The Russian automaker's logo will appear on the R30 racing cars, as seen above, as well as the driver and crew uniforms. The announcement was made at a meeting held this Monday in ...

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    REPORT: Ghosn still thinks Renault-Nissan should have partnered with GM in 2006

    With all the trials and tribulations General Motors has endured during the past year, we almost forgot that the Detroit, MI-based automaker nearly got itself tied up with Renault-Nissan. Back in 2006, the two companies discussed joining forces to become a singular global automotive juggernaut, ...

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    Renault-Nissan vows to build world's cheapest car? Nano-nah-nah-nah-nah!

    Tata Nano – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The other day we alerted you to the "fact" that Ford will be releasing a brand new $650 car. But as does everything that sounds too good to be true, the car in question was a severely used (and dented) 1993 Ford Taurus, and the ...

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    REPORT: Nissan projects $2.9B loss, announces 20,000 job cuts

    Nissan hasn't posted an annual loss in nine years, but the automaker is poised to take a big hit on its 2008 earnings, and like the rest of the industry, it is scrambling to restructure. The Japanese carmaker is expected to report a $2.9 billion shortfall, prompting Carlos Ghosn and his team to ...

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    Nissan knee deep in the electrictrification race

    Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has held to his belief that hybrids are not the answer to the fuel efficiency question. The Japanese automaker came out with a very capable Altima hybrid last year, but it was Toyota technology purchased to help Nissan look good in the short term. Nissan has been betting ...

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    Alonso to announce today, Ghosn throws wrench into the works

    The motorsport press is reporting that Fernando Alonso will announce sometime today whose car he will be driving next season. The two-time world champion was recently released from his contract with McLaren-Mercedes, with whom he had a very tumultuous last season. Rumors have been circulating the ...

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    Ghosn still looking to hook up with North American partner

    That Carlos Ghosn, he gets around. The CEO of two major automakers already, Renault and Nissan, is still interested in partnering with a third automaker, preferably one from North America. A potential deal to get up close and personal with General Motors fell through last year, but Ghosn insists ...

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    Spy Shots: Nissan's 7-seat Qashqai

    If we told you that a seven-seat Nissan was on its way with a turbo-diesel option, inoffensive looks, and a reasonable price tag, you'd think it was too good to be true. Well, it actually is true if you live in Europe, where the Qashqai currently serves as Nissan's soft-roader. For now, however, ...

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    Carlos Ghosn adds "Knight" to resume

    This just in: Carlos Ghosn is the man. He has rescued a car company from the abyss, he's been immortalized in Japanese manga, and now he's been knighted on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II by British ambassador to Japan, Graham Fry. Ghosn was bestowed the honorary title in recognition of his ...

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    Nissan offering voluntary buyouts to all Tennessee plant workers

    Word has just come across the wire that Nissan will be offering a "voluntary transition program" to all of its hourly employees working in either its Smyrna or Dechard manufacturing plants in Tennessee. These are effectively buyouts, which can net an hourly worker a lump sum of $45,000 and a bonus ...


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