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    Report: FCC trying to open wifi access band for connected cars to other devices

    The Federal Communications Commission has voted to reexamine a 1999 decision to set aside the 5.9 GHz wireless band specifically for connected car technologies. Regulators want to allow other wireless devices to use the band in order to ease congestion at high-use areas like airports and ...

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    Report: Gov't unsure on who can establish distracted driving laws

    Turns out the federal government's attempts to create enforceable oversight of cellphone use in vehicles has hit a Swiftian snag: it seems there isn't a government agency specifically empowered with the authority to do so. The legislative boundaries of the Federal Communications Commission end at ...

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    Will we see (or hear) an XM/Sirius merger decision by months end?

    It seems like forever ago when rumors started about a merger between Sirius and XM satellite radio. The rumors were made slightly more official when the two companies announced the "merger of equals" last year. Where have we heard that before? Nobody expected this $4.2 billion transaction to be a ...

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    REMINDER: OnStar goes dark for analog subscribers on 1/1/08

    If this affects you, chances are that you've already received a letter in the mail from General Motors and OnStar informing you that the analog network supporting older GM models with the OnStar service will be turned off on January 1st, 2008. The reason is because the Federal Communications ...

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    Nader wants FCC to probe GM's radio ties

    In a letter to the FCC, Ralph Nader, the world's most visible consumer advocate, has requested an investigation into the advertising practices of General Motors with regard to several radio personalities.The letter from Nader was prompted by an Automotive News article entitled, "Puff Piece. Rush ...

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    FCC lobbied by debt collectors to allow auto-dialing of mobile phones

    According to the Washington Post, debt collectors are lobbying the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to again use automated dialers to contact mobile phones of debtors. Previously, collectors could use such technology but were banned back in 2003 as part of the FCC’s crackdown on ...


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