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    Official: David Coulthard catches speeding golf ball at 120 mph in Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

    Golf and driving are things that many men would rather be doing than working, so automakers are always keen to find an association between the two. The latest publicity stunt, however, drives the point home in more ways than one. The undertaking involved pro golfer Jake Shepherd, Formula 1 ...

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    Official: Ready or not, David Coulthard and Red Bull Racing arrive in Austin [w/video]

    The Circuit of the Americas isn't quite finished yet, and Austin isn't quite ready for the Formula One circus to roll into town. But apparently someone forgot to tell David Coulthard and the Red Bull Racing team. Last week we reported on Red Bull's plans to run a demonstration event in downtown ...

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    Video: Nico Rosberg frightens David Coulthard around the Nordschleife

    There's a good reason why Formula One teams make two cars with one seat each instead of one car with two seats. Well, there are a lot of good reasons, actually, one of which is being that F1 drivers don't like riding shotgun, something that is immediately apparent after watching this video. Even ...

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    Official: Mercedes-Benz taps David Coulthard as AMG ambassador

    Over the course of fourteen years in Formula 1, David Coulthard drove for only a handful of teams: Williams, McLaren and Red Bull. Championship-frontrunning teams all, but arguably no single manufacturer has been as influential on his life and career as Mercedes-Benz. Coulthard was reportedly ...

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    Mercedes-Benz rolls out star-studded DTM lineup

    Back in the day, before Formula One drivers started trying their hand at NASCAR and the World Rally Championship – we're looking at you, Kimi – there was really just one address for retired grand prix pilots: DTM. The German racing series is king of all touring car championships, and ...

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    Coulthard takes to the tin-tops for Mercedes DTM

    Formula One drivers have a relatively short career span. Sure, they're starting younger and younger, but few driving aces extend their careers beyond their early thirties, if that long. David Coulthard is one notable exception, retiring after 15 consecutive seasons in F1 at "the ripe old age" of ...

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    REPORT: David Coulthard gets a speeding ticket. In an F1 car.

    David Coulthard demonstrates for Red Bull Racing in Mumbai, India – Click above for high-res image gallery
    You can't blame an F1 driver from driving fast. That's what they're supposed to do. Evidently authorities in India feel differently, however, as they've slapped David Coulthard with ...

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    Dream Team: Coulthard, Jordan join BBC F1 coverage

    Remember how excited we got when rumors started flying about the short-list of candidates to host NBC's version of Top Gear? Well, the BBC's original version isn't about to change any time soon, but another motor-related program is coming to the Beeb, and racing fans over on the British Isles have ...

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    Official: David Coulthard will leave F1 at season's end

    Click above for a stunning high-res gallery of D.C.'s 2008 highlights.The end of an era. That's what we called it when rumors began intensifying just a couple of days ago that David Coulthard might retire from Formula One racing. Those rumors were confirmed today – at the Silverstone track, ...

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    The End of an Era: David Coulthard to retire?

    Now campaigning his 15th consecutive season at 37 years old, David Coulthard is Formula One's elder statesman. His 236 grands prix contested to date is second only to Rubens Barrichello's 261, and the Scotsman has elevated his suffering of the latest batch of rookies each season to an art form. ...

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    April Foolery: Coulthard buys Toro Rosso

    David Coulthard is getting older, but his driving doesn't seem to be getting any better. The Scottish driver does, however, have an innate ability for survival, remaining the oldest driver on the F1 grid after having just celebrated his 37th birthday days ago. It was Coulthard who pitched the ...

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    Coulthard the next to defect to NASCAR?

    It's been all the rage in motorsports recently: Formula One refugees hopping the trans-Atlantic to race in NASCAR. Juan Pablo Montoya has found considerably more success than Jacques Villeneuve (even Michael Schumacher was offered a drive), but they could have some company soon. Recently ...

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    Autoblog visits the Mercedes Classic Car Center

    We recently made a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Center in Irvine, California, to check out this restoration and retail facility. Located adjacent to a cluster of auto showrooms, it looks like just another modern dealership. But the cars inside are anything but modern. For starters, ...


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