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    Study: MA drivers named nation's most accident prone

    If you're hoping to avoid a car accident, even a minor fender bender, it might be best to avoid Massachusetts at all costs. In the tenth annual Allstate America's Best Drivers Report, cities in the Bay State took three of the four worst spots in the study. In two areas, drivers are more than ...

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    Report: Massachusetts police take heat for locking unlocked cars

    There's nothing worse than a bored law enforcement officer, as a few Beverly, Massachusetts residents learned firsthand when the local police went around checking vehicles for unlocked doors and open windows. Owners received warnings for failing to protect their property and officers proceeded to ...

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    Video: Kevin Youkilis, Herb Chambers and Biz Markie walk into a car commercial...

    Being from the Boston area means you learn handful of facts specific to The Hub. One of them is that Kevin Youkilis (A.K.A. "The Greek God of Walks," "Youk") is a great pro baseball player with a few years left in the tank (despite his 2011 woes). Another fact is that you can't throw a stone in ...

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    World's Costliest Semi Crash? Printer ink truck turns turtle

    A tractor trailer carrying printer ink cartridges went wheels up on an a ramp linking Massachusetts Route 128 and Interstate 95 near Peabody, Mass. yesterday morning. The wreck blocked traffic for hours while state police and an environmental cleanup company worked to clear the debris. State ...

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    Vegan Juice: PETA to advertise on EV charging stations?

    It would seem that PETA expects electric car drivers to be those who'd rather go naked than wear fur... or something like that. In any case, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is urging the City of Boston to place ads with green eggs and ham chickens that tout a meat-free vegan ...

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    Bostonian ponies up record $300,000 for parking space. Average area price? $134k

    In some cities, people don't want to pony up loose change for a meter-fed parking spot. In Boston, an abundance of available spaces would be like a dream come true, as evidenced by the exorbitant prices being paid on a regular basis in some areas. For example, The Boston Globe reports that a spot ...

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    Subaru-sanctioned Tribeca limo built by Boston dealer

    click above image to view a gallery of the Subaru Tribeca stretch limoWow... um... just wow. Words don't do this stretch Subaru Tribeca limousine justice. It was reportedly built by Ernie Boch Jr., a powerful Boston area dealer that apparently has a penchant for long limousines. Before this he ...

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    Honda Accord junket set for Boston, on decaying pile of garbage

    Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor has a name it has truly earned. During a hundred-year-span, a list of its illustrious tenants includes a brothel, a horse rendering plant, a grease reclamation plant, and then tons and tons of Boston garbage dumped there over thirty years. The dumping ended when ...

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    As the ad world turns: Male activist group pesters Volvo to portray fathers better

    Poor Arnold Worldwide. They were mining advertising gold for Volkswagen in the late 1990s with clever spots and print ads. Apparently the relationship went cold, and VW moved on. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Boston, but now, Arnold has found themselves in the crosshairs of ...

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    Boston hotel offers million-dollar Valentine's Day package, Bentley included

    var digg_url = ''; Still looking for a way to impress that special someone with that million dollars burning a hole in your pocket? How about this, the "Prelude to a Kiss" Valentine's Day ...

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    Diesel mixup does major damage at gas station

    We can't imagine how many safeguards had to be ignored and incompetent people employed to allow such a thing to happen, but somehow last Wednesday a Super Petroleum gas station (no pic available, generic station at right) in Holbrook, MA had its underground tank for regular unleaded accidentally ...

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    Miami declared tops in rude driving

    Perhaps its the fact that there are thousands of doddering septuagenarians plying area roads, but Miami, Florida has just been dubbed America's least courteous drivers. Or to put a finer point on it, they've got some road rage and rude driving issues. A new AutoVantage survey of 2,000 adult ...


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