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adult swim

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    Video: 'Micro Mayhem!' stop-motion video made by Robot Chicken crew

    Here's a prediction: If you're an adult that thinks Micro Machines were cool (and maybe still are) and has an affinity for stop motion animation, you're probably already familiar with Adult Swim's Robot Chicken. There's a super-geeky Venn diagram to be made here (wait... is there any other kind ...

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    Hammer & Coop: Episodes 1 & 2

    You might remember us mentioning Mini's new Hammer & Coop campaign for the freshened-for-2007 Coopers. The Starsky and Hutch-like series of trailers showing a man without a past and his faithful automotive sidekick. Kind of like Ben Stiller's "Heat Vision and Jack" or Spike TV's "Stroker and ...


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