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accelerator pedal

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    Nissan details three upcoming safety technologies

    Nissan has released details on its latest trio of safety-related technologies designed to reduce fatal and serious injuries caused by collisions. Nissan's "Acceleration Suppression for Pedal Misapplication" technology works to mitigate collisions in confined areas by detecting whether or not the ...

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    Ruh-Roh: NHTSA investigating 2007 Dodge Caliber for sticky pedals

    According to Chrysler, several owners of 2007 model year Dodge Calibers have reported problems with sticky accelerator pedals, causing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to launch a full-on investigation. (This sounds familiar, doesn't it?) And because of the recent high-profile ...

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    Report: 27 car auction attendees injured when Volvo plows through crowd

    It seems we just can't keep unintended acceleration incidents out of the news these days. The latest report of such an occurrence comes from Ellijay, Georgia, where a 1995 Volvo 960 (nope, not a Toyota this time) barreled through the crowd of bidders at Blue Ridge Auto Auction at about 8:15 in ...

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    House committee demands Toyota prove both recalls will fix all acceleration issues

    Matt Lauer interviews Toyota President and COO Jim Lentz on the Today Show
    So which is it? Does Toyota really know what the fix is for the unintended acceleration problems or not? Apparently the U.S. House of Representatives wants a straight answer. It seems the House is a little upset with ...

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    Confirmed: Toyota expands sticking pedal recall to Europe

    Just as we reported yesterday, Toyota has confirmed the recall announced last week for sticking accelerator pedals will be expanded beyond the U.S. and soon include Europe. Up until now, the recall had affected only eight models built in North America at plants that were supplied defective ...

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    REPORT: Toyota may 'shorten' gas pedals to fix unintended acceleration issue

    The Toyota "unintended acceleration" issue has been a hot-button topic for nearly two months, with the Japanese automaker working closely with the National Highway Traffic Safety Association to come up with a permanent solution to the growing problem. Toyota recently published a statement to ...


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