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AddPeugeot to focus on greener cars at British Motor Show

The British Motor Show is coming up later this month and Peugeot is planning to shine the spotlight on its most efficient and least polluting vehicles. Drivers in London, in particular, have to deal with congestion charges if they have to go into the central part of the city but they are exempted if the cars they drive emit fewer than 120g/km of carbon dioxide. Low-emitting cars like this also get a break on national road taxes. As a result, companies like Peugeot have been trying to create mode

3British Motor Show Preview: Ford Fiesta Econetic, 62mpg, 98g/km CO2

Ford is expected to take advantage of this month's British Motor Show in London to debut an ECOnetic version of the new Fiesta sub-compact. ECOnetic is Ford's branding for special low CO2 versions of its different vehicles. In the case of the Fiesta ECOnetic, that means a 1.6L TDCi turbodiesel under the hood cranking out 89hp. Helping the Fiesta minimize its fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions will be a modified low-drag nose, side skirts, rear spoiler and wheels. Most of the grille will be

6NICE intros new MEGA City electric car in London

The NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) car company unveiled the MEGA City electric car this week at the British Motor Show.

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