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    Report: Porsche tuners 9ff, SpeedArt going bankrupt

    Times are tough in Europe right now, and that unfortunately has reaped disastrous consequences for some of its smallest niche automakers. Gumpert, Wiesmann, Artega and Lola have all filed for bankruptcy this year, and it appears that tuners are not immune to the tough times, either. Word coming ...

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    9ff shows 272-mph GT9 Vmax at Essen show [w/video]

    There's a scene in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps where Shia LaBoeuf asks a fellow banker, "What's your number – how much would you need to get out of the business?" The answer he gets: "More." More is apparently the operating principle at 9ff, the specialist Porsche tuner out of Germany ...

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    9ff GTurbo mods Porsche GT3 up to 1,000 horsepower

    9ff GTurbo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There's a fine line between a sportscar and a supercar. Porsche is one of the few automakers that straddles the line, but an elite cadre of tuners seem to take pleasure in laying down strips of burnt rubber to blur it beyond recognition. ...

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    Video: 9ff TR 1000 reaches 391.7 km/h at Papenburg test track

    Click above to watch the 9ff TR 1000 reach 391.7 km/h at the Papenburg test track after the jump
    There aren't too many places you can cruise at over 200 mph in relative safety, but the Papenburg test track is one of them. The high speed oval located in Northern Germany is a pavement playground ...

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    9ff reveals even more bonkers GT9-R - is this the world's fastest production car?

    9ff GT9-R – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Bonkers is a relative term, when you think about it. Case in point: the 9ff GT9. With 973 horsepower and a 409 km/h top speed – that's 254 mph, friends – this was already one bonkers supercar. And then 9ff comes along with the ...

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    Pics Aplenty: 9ff Speed9 takes Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio to the next level

    9ff Speed9 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As we discovered earlier this month, the 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo is one heck of a fast car. The quickest Porsche has ever produced, in fact. So it would take considerable moxie to try and improve on it. Fortunately, 9ff has such moxie, as ...

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    9ff speeds into Essen with Speedster-inspired Speed9

    9ff Speed9 – Click above for image gallery
    If you love the spirit of SEMA but tend to lean towards more European tastes, Essen is the show for you. The annual aftermarket show in Germany always brings out an enticing crop of European tuner cars, and 9ff isn't about to let it go by without ...

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    Porsche tuner 9ff planning GT9-R convertible

    What's better than a thousand horsepower count and a 250+ mph top speed? Why, a thousand-horsepower count and a 250+ mph top speed with no roof, of course! That's what Bugatti has learned with its Veyron Grand Sport, and that's evidently what 9ff is planning as well. 9ff is one of the world's ...

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    9ff reveals details and renderings of its custom Porsche Panamera

    9ff Porsche Panamera – Click above for high-res image gallery
    For better or worse, the new Panamera promises to open doors to new markets for Porsche – and for Porsche tuners, for that matter. But 9ff isn't about to let Gemballa have all the fun. The tuning house responsible for the ...

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    GT2 Can Play That Game: 9ff and Switzer each tune out 800+hp Porsche 911s

    9ff BT2 Porsche 911 GT2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With the Porsche Carrera GT long out of production and the anticipated roadgoing RS Spyder still a ways down the pipeline, the performance mantle in Stuttgart is held up buy the 911 GT2. Boasting 520 horsepower, 0-60 mph in 3.3 ...

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    9ff hits the dusty trail with Cayenne Vantage GTR

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the 9ff Vantage GTR
    9ff has established itself as a serious player in the pursuit of toppiling OEM's top-speed records, but the German tuner's range of modifications for Porsches spans the spectrum from mild to wild. Wild, in this case, includes the 9ff Vantage ...

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    9ff working on hotter GT9R

    Click above for a larger image of the 9ff GT9R
    The German uber-tuners at 9ff have come to the conclusion that 253 mph just isn't fast enough, so work is currently underway on a hotter version of its GT9 supercar.The "standard" GT3-based 9ff GT9 puts out 973 hp and 711 lb-ft of torque, but with a ...

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    9ff takes Porsche 911 GT2 to 670 hp and beyond

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 9ff Porsche 911 GT2
    The Porsche 911 GT2 is hardly lacking for horsepower, but the 9ff crew can never leave "good enough" alone. With a pair of V670 turbos, a 9ff custom intake manifold, headers and exhaust system with a two-stage valve that takes the ...

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    9ff already working on Porsche Panamera?

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 9ff Porsche Panamera
    Somebody's got to beat back the ugly afflicting the four-door Porsche Panamera when it arrives. 9ff, the Dortmund, Germany-based firm, is actively recruiting orders for its tuned version of the highly anticipated curve-ball from Porsche. ...

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    Top speed test on Sunday, sell on Monday: 9ff offering limited run of GT9 supercar

    Click above for a high resolution image After proving in May that its GT9 supercar could run with the world's fastest supercars by topping out at 409 km/h at the Papenburg oval, 9ff is offering a limited production run of twenty cars. Loosely based on a Porsche 911 GT3, each GT9 comes with a ...

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    9ff proves the GT9 is stupid fast, tops 253 mph

    Click above for a high resolution gallery of the GT9 There are only a handful of cars that can strike fear into the Bugatti Veyron. The Koenigsegg CCX comes close with a top speed of 242.42 mph, and the SSC Aero Twin-Turbo is even faster, hitting a two-way average speed of 255.83 mph and officially ...

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    9ff GT9 inches closer to Nardo test

    Click image for high-res gallery Going fast can't be rushed. It sounds downright oxymoronic, but it might as well be the golden rule when it comes to breaking top speed records. 9ff is one of those outfits that bridges the gap between aftermarket tuning house and specialty manufacturer. Their ...

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    Continental takes world speed record

    Continental has entered the Guinness Book of World Records with a top speed of 242 mph (388 km/h). We're definitely not talking about the behemoth Bentley, as powerful as it is. The record now officially belongs to Continental Tires for its ContiSportContact Vmax, which has been officially ...

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    Check your toupee: 9ff's 997 Turbo cabrio TRC 91

    Click the image above for a gallery.We can't imagine having 780 HP on tap in a convertible, but 9ff has realized the ridiculousness and created what's likely to be the fastest drop-top in the world. The German tuning haus has taken the 997 Porsche Turbo convertible, stroked the 3.6-liter six to ...

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    More on the 9ff GT9 and its Veyron-beating record attempt

    It's been a few months since we've heard anything out of the 9ff camp regarding its attempt to unseat the Bugatti Veyron's top speed record. Thankfully, the German Car Blog was able to translate an article from that reveals a bit more about the 900 HP, slicker-than-snot road rocket.Only 20 ...


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