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honda walking assist device

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    Official: Honda Walking Assist Device begins US testing at Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

    For years, we've been wondering what implications Honda's Asimo robot could have in the real world, and now we're starting to get a sense of that. Honda announced that it will begin its first US clinical studies of the Walking Assist Device at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago in an effort ...

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    Honda unveils supplemental robot legs for humans

    Click above for more shots of the Honda Walking Assist Device
    Those who have difficulty walking may not be bound to a Segway for like thanks to Honda. The Japanese automaker is developing a new technology called the experimental walking assist device. These accessory legs have been designed as a ...

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    Honda develops walking assist device to aid elderly/disabled

    Click on the image to see more pics of Honda's Walking Assist Device var digg_url = ''; While Honda is known primarily for its cars and motorcycles, the company's engineering prowess extends into many other areas, as ...


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